Science Centre: What's wrong with Rhys?

Medication was slipping into Rhys' body for the past fortnight and Rosie took Rhys to the science centre in London. But on that exact day, Lyndsey and Zak had 2 days off school, so they had to come too. On the train to London, Lyndsey and Zak kept asking why they had to travel to London to study science.

"Mum, why do we need to go to London about Rhys? There's basically nothing wrong with him." asked Zak.

"But Rhys has got something wrong with him Zak but I can't understand why we have to go to a science centre about it." said Lyndsey.

Rosie just ignored the whole conversation. Soon enough, they arrived in London, it was terrible weather. They walked to the bus stop, what  boring day for Zak and Lyndsey. Rosie didn't want t do this either but she just wanted the best for her baby. Rhys started to cry. There was a reason for that, he needed a feed. For some reason, the medication seemed to work for Rhys. He didn't cry as much therefore his crys were still screams. He slept for 2 hours a day and for 8 hours at night. He was a bit more easier to handle nowadys. But Rosie still wanted to come to London because Rhy couldn't live on medication for the rest of his life. Rosie got out a bottle of milk from her bag and slipped one of Rhys' pills inside and gave it a shake. She handed Rhys to Lyndsey and Rosie made Lyndsey feed him.

"Why do I have to feed him?" asked Lyndsey.

"Don't you think I've got enough on my plate girl at the moment!" snapped Rosie.

Lyndsey got in a mood with her mum but still had to feed Rhys. She began to feed Rhys until the bus arrived and carried on feeding him when they were o the bus. After Lyndsey fed him, the bright green light appeared from Rhys one again. Lyndsey and Zak were in shock because they had never seen that happen before. Rosie snatched Rhys off Lyndsey and began to cradle him.

"What's happening?!" said Zak.

"Don't worry." yelled Rosie.

The bus arrved at the science centre and the family got off. They walked into the science centre, there was lights illuminating the room. A scientist with big black glasses greeted them and led them into this massive room which had cauldrons and scientific stuff.

The scientist examined Rhys.

"He's not an ordinary baby, what happened to the father?"

"He died, he burst!"

"The father wasn't normal, is the faher to Rhys, the father to ya other kids."

"Yeh but there was never anything wrong with them."

"Is the father called Michael Hubbard?"


"Well, a year ago an alien landed inside him and he was no longer normal. So now, Rhys isn't."

"Will he be ok?"

"I'm not sure. We'll do as best as we can. But for us to do that, he needs to stay with us for a month, so we can cure it."

Rosie paused.

"Erm, ok."

"You may leave Rhys here now and return in a month's time. I'm sorry but you can't visit him, or see him for a month."

Rosie, then Lyndsey followed by Zak kissed Rhys on his forehead then left the rom without Rhys' pram or bag.

Once they arrived home, Rosie phoned everyone she knew saying:

'My baby's an alien!'

Lyndsey and Zak said the same but said:

'My baby brother's an alien!'

They couldn't believe their eyes about Rhys but he was dearly missed.

The End

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