The Different Baby

Lyndsey and Zak has just got a new baby brother called Rhys. But Rhys isn't an ordinary baby they were expecting. Funny coloured lights show where ever he is, whether he's in his pram cot or beng cradled. He's a nightmare to handle. He has screaming crys. Their mum soon takes Rhys to the doctors and the doctor's shocked on what she finds...

"It's a boy!" called out the midwife.

Rosie had just had a baby boy and she could hear the sound of crying from her new born son. A tear came down Rosie's cheek as the midwife handed her baby to her wrapped in a white blanket. The baby had green eyes which illuminated in the light above him, a little amount of black hair. He was a tiny baby.

"Hello Rhys!" Rosie whispered.

Soon enough, Rhys was asleep in Rosie's arms as soon as Lyndsey and Zak arrived to see their mum and their new born baby brother. Lyndsey and Zak hadn't seen their mum since last night. Lyndsey took Rhys out of Rosie's arms and cradled  like she was his mum. The baby awoke and started to scream. Lyndsey made a hushing sound and placed Rhys in his cot in the maternity ward.

It only took a week until Rhys turned different. He didn't stop crying, his crys turned into screams and eventually Rosie couldn't handle him no longer. Rosie loved her son of course she did but she just couldn't cope no longer. She didn't have a life of her own, no sleep and the only sleep she got was a very little. Rhys didn't sleep either.

Again, the baby started crying at the park. Rosie tried to calm him down, she really did, but he just wouldn't stop. Just at that moment, a green light beamed from Rhys' pram over his screaming crys.

'What's wrong with my baby?" Rosie thought. She became petrified.

Straight away, Rosie pushed the pram from the park as fast as she could to the nearest doctors surgery.

"I need a doctor immediatley!" she said at reception.

The receptionist scrolled down her computer then asked:

"Why do you need a doctor right now?"

Rosie took a deep breath.

"Something very very strange is happening to my baby. He's oly a week old!"

The receptionist said nothing else but for her to wait in the waiting room and she'll be seeng a doctr n 5 minutes.

5 minutes was a long time for Rosie with the baby around. She could ever let time fly with Rhys for the past week even how much she wanted it. Eventuall, a doctor came out for Rosie and Rosie pushed Rys out of the wating room to the doctor's office. Rosie picked Rhys up and cradled him because she thought that this may be the last time she'll ever see Rhys. She sat down.

"So what's wrong with your baby?" asked the doctor.

"Well, he won't stop cring, his crying turns to screams..." Rosie began before the doctor interupted her.

"So what made you come here and ask Mrs Curd to see a doctor immediatley?"

"Well, I was at the park with Rhys and his screaming crys and suddenly this green light appeared from his pram. It was comng from him."

The doctor opened her mouth wide open as in shock. She took Rhys of Rosie and placed him on the white dentist sort of bed. It was actually a doctor's bed. The doctor got out a needle and poked it on Rhys' left arm. Rhys stopped crying and fell asleep. As soon as Rhys fell asleep, the doctor got out a spiky tool, lifted his top up and poked the tool at his heart. The tool was linked to a computer. A bright green light spreaded out on the computer. Big black eyes shapes were in the middle. There was two of them. The doctor unplugged the tool and pulled Rhys' top. She put the tool away and lifted Rhys into her arms and gave him to Rosie.

"What's wrong with Rhys? What's wrong with my baby?" Rosie yelled.

Rosie burst into tears.

"Thing is, I can't identify what's wrong with Rhys. Who's the father to Rhys?" said the doctor.

"Michael Hubbard. But he's dead! He died when I was 7 months pregnant with Rhys."

"How did he die?"

"He just squirted out blood, nothing caused it, then he burst and he was dead!"

"Rosie,I'm going to give you medication for the baby. It'll be such a strong medication. Give this to Rhys for him to take every time he's having a feed. Put it in his milk then he'll take it. I'm going to book you a isit to the science centre in London for a fortnight's time. I'll be in contact with you. Until the visit you must give Rhys the medication."

Rosie nodded and then got handed medication. She held it tightly and walked out the office and out of the surgery and back home...

The End

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