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Basically I have barely edited this and it's just a beginning of a random story I've been working on. It needs A LOT of feedback though!

“Just throw it already, Jasmine.”

Stacey was getting impatient. Perfect, I thought, the more irritated she is, the more reckless she would get. I let the smooth die roll around and around on my palm. It was made of glass, six-sided and just a little larger than an average die. The numbers were engraved into the faces, the fancy writing delicate in the soft glow of the setting sun.

I could see Stacey tapping her foot out of the corner of my eye. I sighed loudly and tossed the die in the air. It reached my eye-level before dropping to the concrete and rolling to a stop near the man’s feet.

The man knelt down next to the die and peered at it, a sly smile tugging at his mouth. His entire outfit appeared outdated and dark. His face was a mask of wrinkles and under the shade of his hat, it appeared eerily mysterious. The man was rather fancy for someone so secretive. He looked up at me.

My palms were sweaty. Even though I’d done this several times before, the reality still got to me. “Two.” The man announced.

I allowed a small, mischievous smile and glanced at Stacey. She didn’t look at me as she scooped up the die and swiftly threw it. It sailed well above the buildings on either side of the gloomy alley we were hiding in. I lost sight of it but was not foolish enough to hope it was gone. After a few moments, it fell towards us again, landing right into an open trashcan.

The man’s smile only widened. “No getting away from it.” He tilted his head towards the can.

The three of us peered into the trashcan to see the shiny cube reveal the number one.

Stacey swept her blonde hair over her shoulder. “Ha!”

The End

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