The Extradition Effect WarMature

Three years of woeful warfare, between the years of 2013 and 2016, altered the perception of people forever. Looking back at the beginning, the start of the war was so idiotically dim minded. 

The Chinese police force were seeking a man of American citizenship, as it was believed he murdered a high ranking official from the government. Seventeen years later and it still hasn't been proved, makes it seem more ridiculous. 

The American government refused to extradite Jonathan Stevens, the accused. Typically this caused a little verbal bout in the respective government halls in both countries, but China acted first. They began to bulk up the army, adding additional armed forces to their ranks. 

America, not being out done by their Asian counter parts, did the same. They added more men and women to their lines, determined not to be bettered. And then the French added some flammable liquids to the already growing fire. 

They stepped in, attempting to act as an independent referee to both countries, and then they faltered. The French, having struck a deal with China for peace with the US, were meant to send sensitive information regarding the American President to China. However, they mistakingly sent the three dozen emails to an American minister, who in turn contacted his superiors, and then, faster than a a snake can catch a rodent, the Chinese ambassador to America went missing. 


As expected, the Chinese were infuriated. The government demanded answers, and when none came, they demolished the American Embassy in Beijing. Ruthlessly giving no warning to the employees. 

As to be expected, the US saw this as an act of war. And when the Americans want something, they get something. So when they decided to bomb China, they bombed the Chinese mercilessly. 

The Chinese army, matched with their new allies, then responded without mercy. The usually lacking, stepped up with the solo government of China. The likes of Japan, Greece, North Korea, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Spain fought along side the men and women of the new conglomorate. 

The Americans also gathered quite a force with the likes of Britain, South Korea, Australia, Germany, Canada, and Mexico lending their aid and armies to fight against the so called enemy. 

It is estimated that eight hundred thousand soldiers died in that three year period, they would be remembered as soldiers who died during the Extradition Effect War, which was seemingly the darkest hour before the dawn. 

Seemingly. We fell victim under a greater shadow. 

The End

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