The Dictatorial Methods of Social Sites : Surviving After DigitizationMature

A dark parody on the dependence of people to social sites.

I can still remember the day social sites changed everything. Overnight they went from being used to casually chat to friends, scroll through mildly funny pictures, weave through dangerously dodgy tripwire statuses and, whilst adding the above, the members, Tweeters, Facebookers and the remaining were all contributing to the mental dependence on technology. 

Slowly, awkwardly, sluggishly and at a painful pace, social media became part of our lives. We, without knowing it, were trapped between an inevitable wave of conscious scrutiny from already addicted peers, right up to the plummeting public that were quashing all that were not drowning their sorrows digitally.  

At the beginning of total dependence, whilst complete control of our lives was teetering on the edge of the mechanical cliff, the governments that were members of the United Nations grasped at a desperate, ideological idea. They digitized everything. It began by uniting every member of every available government. 

From that a central point was established. It would later be dubbed, by the pompous, select and negligent few, The World Capital. It was here that every 'elected' official made decisions regarding the majority. The majority that were now fully dependent on the technology given to them by the few. 

Extra emphasis is placed on 'elected' due to the damningly complicated, rocket ship engine, styled election process. In fact, election processes were so off putting, that when the final election took place in 2024, it was estimated by the more intellectually gifted majority that only three percent of the total population cast a vote.

The rest watched, waiting for the latest digitized hit, like a drug, a surge of adrenaline or a stimulated response, the people were hooked to it, hooked like a flailing fish, struggling to gain more in life, in their short existence. 

The End

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