First of SchoolMature

This is the diary of Rae she posts on a blog that she doesnt want anyone to at her school to see but its still public.

Monday 3rd September 2012 

Dear Diary, 

Well today is Monday and today was the first day back at school. I was actually excited to go today because being the first day and all you get up early and make sure you look pretty and well dressed. In our school they allow you to wear your own clothes on the first day back. I decided to wear my red skater dress and my new black hi tops. I even dolled up in make up which is a rarity. I thought it would be the safest just to straighten my hair and cause I died it black yesterday it was already different.

Monday Morning: arrived into school 8:45am

I got into school looking fabulous. Who was I greeted by? none other than Vicky Parkes, the bitchiest, slaggyest girl in my year. She came into school looking like a model of course, I'm sure her breasts have gotten bigger as well, Bitch. She wore an ugly looking mini skirt and low cut top so all the boys can stare at her cleavage not that they haven't already. Well as you can imagine me and Vicky don't get on. She has always hated me, Well I did pour green paint on top her platinum blonde hair. I was only 5 years old it was like 10 years ago she needs to move on.

"Oh Rae, you made it back to school, so pleased" She said giving me the fakest smile ever. 

"Why wouldn't I make it back?" I replied confused to what drugs she is taking.

"Oh you know me and the girls thought you would have like topped yourself, or slit your wrists, whatever it is you emo people do." She smiled again. What the fuck? how fucking dare she.

"Who me? Vicky I am shocked you know that's not going to happen till next year, silly." I walked off leaving her to be...well her.  But seriously if I was going to kill someone it would be her. I did tell you she was a bitch. Her "girls" as she mentioned are pretty much 3 more blonde bimbo's. one of them said to me once that she couldn't eat gammon be cause she hates fish. SERIOUSLY? What the hell? I just let them get on with it. 

I saw my bestie Lucy she looked Amaze-balls totally first day ready. I don't know what I would do without her, she is practically my only friend in school. We just click. People (Vicky) used to call us lesbians, We aren't we are just attached at the hip. Lucy says it doesn't matter how many friends you have as long as you have one friend you know will have your back.

"Hey Rae Rae you're looking nice today." Don't I always? :(

"Thank you lovely, so do you." I gave her a big hug and we walked to our form room together. She was dressed in ripped jeans and dark grey vest top with a giant skull. She did look really nice and she has the figure to match. Jealous! Even though she tells me I have a nice figure, I wish my mirror could see that.

"You dyed your hair black?" She noted not sounding too impressed. Why didn't she like it :( 

"Yeah, I thought you know new school year new me." I smiled trying to make her be nice. Be nice dammit!

"It just makes look like a freaking emo." Ouch twice in one day. I thought, but it didn't knock my spirits.

"Now you mention it, Vicky just called me an emo, and said she was shocked I hadn't topped myself or slit my wrists, But coming from you hurts a lot more." Okay so it did knock my spirits. I ran into the girls toilets crying. :'(

The toilets were full of girls smoking, (Already?) great I will get cancer while I sob. Lucy tapped on the toilet door I had locked myself in. 

"Rae Rae, I am sorry babe, I didn't mean to hurt you, can you please come out. Everyone is staring at me and it stinks." 

I unlocked the door and wiped the tears from my eyes. first day back and I had my first cry, great start Rae.

Monday Morning: Form Time 9:00am

We finally made it to our form and everyone was hyper talking about their holidays and what not. I kept to myself replying to Lucy every now and then. I was too busy thinking about the emo comments. I know I shouldn't have but it did get to me, why label?

Our form tutor Miss Lowe, did the register and told us boring things about how it was crack down time for exams and stuff. I just nodded and doodled in my new planner. Miss Lowe was very cranky this morning she is normally happy and kind, she wasn't even dressed normally it's like she dressed in the dark and didn't look in the mirror when she did her hair, it was a mess!

She must have got dumped, it's the only logical reason I could come up with. Poor Miss Lowe. </3 Where there's a broken heart there's a broken smile. :(

When the bell went everyone emptied the room heading to their first lesson on my way out I Inappropriately gave Miss Lowe a hug, she didn't hug back she was frozen to the spot.

"I expect you to have a reason for that." She said after I let go.

"We have all been heartbroken Miss, there are many different ways but they all hurt the same." I replied assuring her it was okay.

"Heartbroken? What are you talking about Rae?" She seemed confused.

"Is that not the reason you're cranky and badly dressed?" Too honest?

"No, I was just in a rush this morning, and haven't had my coffee, not that is any of your business. Now get to class or you will be late."

"So sorry, got wires crossed." I hurried out the door and Lucy was waiting for me shaking her head.

Monday Morning: English 9:16am

We went to our first lesson which was English and there was a fit new teacher. Mr Man of my dreams. <3  he was fresh out of teaching school for sure.  He had brown spikes up hair and beautiful blue eyes I could look into them all day long. He dressed smartly white blouse dark blue tie. fit.

"Ello, class my name is Mr Figgins but you can call me Sir." Yummy  "I have an exciting year planned for us so if you all behave and do well there will be a surprise for everyone. If you miss behave you will all suffer and see my angry side that isn't a pleasant sight." I highly doubt it, any side of him is gorgeous.

"Oh Lucy, he is so fit." I whispered to her while she was drooling over him. "I call bagsies"  (Bagsies: Make first claim on something; take possession of) I say before she gets in there.

"What no way you can't he is a teacher." I think I can :P.

"Doesn't matter, this means you can no longer flirt with him, you can look but you can't touch." I smirked at her while she sulked like a child.

"And your name is?" Mr Figgins called pointing towards me." Mrs Rae Figgins, baby.

"Rae, but you can call me Rae Rae." I grin trying to hold my giggles in. 

"Well Rae you have earned yourself a lunchtime detention with me tomorrow."  Lush. <3

"Okay, sorry sir." I pouted. So happy right now.

Monday Morning: Maths 10:15

After English we had Maths, snooze fest. but there was a new hot student in that lesson another piece of eye candy for me. Luckily Lucy wasn't in my maths to bagsy him otherwise I would have cried. But now I am torn between two guys :( Hot teacher or Hot Maths boy (Seth).  

Seth had a unique look to him he was a tanned skin colour his hair was a chocolatey colour and his eyes were dark blue, he wore dark blue jeans with Bench on his back pocket. Yes I stared. He was wearing a white long sleeved top that fit his chest nicely. 

Half way through Maths Seth winked at me I think, I squealed with excitement. He was making it so much harder to concentrate on my work. Every now and then I would look back at him and smile he was working hard but at one point our eyes connected. YIPPEE!

"Rae the bored is this way!" My maths teacher Mrs Gravitts called she was mean I don't thinks she liked me. :(

Monday Afternoon: Lunch 12:30pm

"Hey I am Seth." He said at lunch time. He sat down at mine and Lucy's table. Someone pinch me I'm in heaven.

"I'm Rae, Lucy calls me Rae Rae." I blushed hoping not to sound too dorky. "This is Lucy" I said when she didn't reply she was too busy drooling again, I stood on her foot :3 .

"Ouch....Hi I'm Lucy." She finally managed smiling in a daze.

"Nice to meet you both, Rae I saw you in my maths class you seemed the only normal person I've met so far today. There was a crazy blonde in my English."

"Vicky?" Me and Lucy said at same time.

"Yeah, that was it, she isn't your friend is she, I don't mean to offend." Friend? Pfft please.

"Hell no, she is really mean and very... what's the word...Confident." I smiled and he smiled back. OMIGOD we are perfect for each other.

"Well you two seem cool, I hope it's okay if I sit with you two, I don't really know anyone and like I said you're the sanest person I have met today Rae." I felt a tingle run through me as he said my name, say it again.

"Yeah sure, you're always welcome to sit with us." <3<3<3

By the end of school I was on cloud nine, I got his number and he said he would call mine later. Lucy was pretty pissed off with me that he seemed more into me than her but she will get over it.

All in all first day of school was pretty good me thinks. Hopefully this year isn't going to totally suck.




Rae signed off her website and shut her laptop she contemplated texting Seth but thought she should probably wait till he rings. A few minutes later she heard her phone vibrating on the desk, she leaped up in excitement it was Seth. She thought about waiting a few seconds to not sound desperate but really she wanted to pick up straight away scream hello down the phone. It carried on ringing so she picked up and put on a calm phone voice.

"Hello Rae speaking." She smiled to herself  making her cheeks blush bright red.

"Hey Rae, it's Seth new guy in your maths class." She knew who he was but she wasnt to play it cool.

"Oh yeah, Seth, how are you?" She replied softly, she started chewing onto a pen lid as she got nervous.

"I'm good thanks I just called to see if maybe you wanted to hang out sometime like go to the movies or go walking, whatever you're into, I mean that's if you want to of course." he seemed nervous also which made her smile.

"Yes that sounds fun, everyone loves the movies, and walks are relaxing." 

"Great, are you free at anytime? I'm new so my schedule is empty apart from school." 

"Same really, what about Saturday? With it being a non school day." She offered.

"Yes that's perfect." He replied sounding happy with the decision. There was an awkward pause for a second "So lunch tomorrow?"

"I can't I am in detention with my English teacher." She quickly remembered.

"First day back and you got detention? Bad ass." he laughed.

"Yeah, that's me bad ass." she laughed back and the mood was awkward again.

"It's late I better get my homework done, I will see you tomorrow then." He said sounding disappointed to have to hang up.

"Yeah, ditto. I will see you tomorrow, Goodnight Seth." She sighed quietly.

"Goodnight Rae Rae." He chuckled. The phone call ended and Rae let out a long heavy sigh.

She unlocked her phone and went to text Lucy to tell her the good news. 


Rae says: Omigod Seth just rang me! xoxo

                                                                    Lucy says: Really omg what did he say? xxx

Rae says: He wants to go out on sat to the movies xoxo

            Lucy says: Oh wow so jelly, happy for you are you looking forward to figgins? xxx

Rae says: YES! But Seth wanted to sit with me at lunch xoxo

                                                                       Lucy says: Well you can't ditch detention xxx

Rae says: I know, I don't want to anyway I get alone time with Figgins xoxo

             Lucy says: Just be careful, Seth seems to like you don't flirt with your teacher xxx

Rae says: Okay, I will be good. Goodnight babes xoxo

                                                                           Lucy says: Goodnight pumpkin xxx


A new message comes through and it's off Seth she gets butterflys in her belly and squeals.


                        Seth says: It was nice talking to you on the phone you seem like a nice girl.

Rae says: Aw thank you it was nice talking to you too nice voice xoxo

                                                                      Seth says: xoxo? huh? Are you gossip girl?

Rae says: That's not a secret I will never tell xoxo

                                                                     Seth says: Touche, Rae Rae xoxo lol.

Rae says: HEY! that's mine lol XOXO!!

                                                                    Seth says: It's actually Gossip girls XOXO LOL!

Rae says: I am gossip girl xoxo!!!!

                                                                 Seth says: I thought you would never tell? xoxo

Rae says: Touche, Seth xoxo

                                                                Seth says: atleast we are even lol. 

Rae says: Indeed. xoxo

                                                               Seth says: I do really like you.

Rae says: Thank you I really like you too. xoxo

                                            Seth says: A big smile came on my face when I read that then. :)

Rae says: :D xoxo

                                                         Seth says: This time I am going to bed Goodnight XOXO

Rae says: Okay, Goodnight XOXO!!!!

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rae set her alarm and got in to bed with the biggest smile on her face. She couldn't believe how nice he was it was like a rarity.








The End

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