The after kissMature

nov, 2 2008

dear diary,

I kissed Ravyn on Halloween. what the hell was I thinking, I mean yeah the kiss was the best kiss I ever had. But still I dont even know the guy, besides that he had a redhead with him. He could be the type of guy to play with a girl and then toss them aside once they get bored. Im so pissed, not just because he kissed me but be cause of what he did to my body. my body was on fire from that kiss...and his hand pulling me closer to his body. Even after the kiss  was over and I was far from him, I still could feel it, I still could feel him. When ever I fall alseep I dream of goin farther then that kiss. Which pisses me off even more, I was never the girl that fell all over some guy, I've never been that girl and I won't start now. I think he knows what he did to me. I think he's the puppetmaster, the guy who plays with the puppets( the girls) and pulls all the strings and cut them when he's done. I cant like or love a guy like that, I cant go through that kind of pain again. If I ever see that guy again I'm goin to flip the script, I'll make sure that he spends his nights thinking of my lips and my touch. to be a kind of ... drug or better yet a poison.

BTW I totally forgot about the note that came with the rose he left me. which I hate to  say is in a vase on my table in my room. the note was short and yes I kept it. no matter how much I wish I could just throw it way. the note said: "I love the way you move your body and I wonder how it will move with me. Hope to find out R"

I know what the R stands for. I am spending way too much time thinking about him. I don't even know him. But at the same time I really want to get to know him. too much thinking. I need a break.  

that's all for now 


The End

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