The MeetingMature

Halloween of '08

Dear Diary,

Today my best friend or sister Sage took me to see this band call Black Pearl, dark but still beautiful. We had to go to club called "NightLife" and, because Sage is so well known we got to skip the line. The club is black with different colors lights that flash like stars on the ceiling. The right side of the club is lined with blood red tables with plush bright red leather couch that lined up with the wall. Which is were the guitarist was sitting at with little redhead on his lap. His hand was under her shirt but it didnt look like she cared. But to tell you the truth I think she wanted more then what she was getting. The left side of the club is were the real fun was happening.  That is where the dance floor was at and it was calling my name. I don't really need a partner when it comes to dancing the music was my partner. So after about an hour of dancing the band starts playing. They were good so Sage ( who by the way left me to spend time with guy she meet) was right. So while the band i keep looking at the two people. The singer, who was singing with no shirt and had a nice tribal tattoo that was on both of his arms. The guitarist because... because he is so beautiful, he had to be at least 6'1 or 6'2, long black hair that looked like silk and soft grey eyes that looked empty. so after the band was done playing I went to one of the single tables on the right side of the club for a rest and some water. I'm sitting there with my eyes close listing to the music, when I get the feeling that someone is watching me. I opened to find the guitarist staring at me with a puzzled look on his face. I tried  not to show how I surprised I was. But when he smile I knew I failed. Now that I can see him up close I understand why that redhead wanted more. this man was made for sex. Damn was the only the word that came to my mind. He place a red rose on the table and a note. What happen next left me speechless. He Kissed Me. He walked over put his hand on the back of my neck. Then he just pull me into his arms. The next thing I knew his lips were on mines and, they were real soft. It was a kiss that started this fire in my core of my body that was begging for more so it consume my whole body my whole being. When he's tongue came in my mouth I felt that fire blasted with excitement. He wraped his arms around me for a tight monent. Then it was over, my body felt numb and my heart was beating so fast that it was hard to breath. Then he whispered in my ear that his name was Ravny and that he will see me real soon.


My body is still hot from that kiss and it was over 5 hours ago. Btw Sage got a new boyfriend, the guy she left me i think he's name is Alex.I didnt tell her what happen I couldnt talk on the way homeI just keep reliving the kiss. That was best way to meet so hot sexy guitarist. but I know that im not goin to see him again. But still that was one hot kiss.

well later for now dairy    

The End

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