Basic InfoMature

NAME:  Enya Hunt

It mean little fire, but to tell you the truth the fire in me is not little. I burn out anyone who hangs out with me for too long. Which is the reason why I could never hang on to a boyfriend for long.

BIRTHDAY: April, 27, 1990

Taurus, a strong hearted bull


Im black, christian, and 5'7.

The 1st page of a diary is always hard for me to write because I never know what to write. I guess I should start with the date and how my day was, but nothing happened it was just a boring day. oh wait something did happen my best friend Sage asked me to come with her to a club so see this rock band. I forgot the name of the band though.  she gave me a picture of them and they are HOT!!!! just... HOT.  But just because they are sexy doesn't mean that they are good.I don't like rock that much so lets hope they are as good as Sage says. I think I've seen the guitar before, he's tall with long black hair that falls to his neck. but whatever it is  late I guess I should go to bed, BTW its Oct 30 since I never wrote the date on here.

The End

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