The Diary of P.o.i.s.o.nMature

a dairy of a young girl who found herself being the playmate of guitar player in a rock band ( not the game) he has deadly attractions to her. once they meet he never wants her to leave his side. she keeps track of everything ( almost everything) in her dairy

Dear Reader,

Hello my name is Poison (no that is not my real name) and this is my diary that i keep when I became Ravny's playmate or girlfriend. Ravny is a guitar in a small town rock band. He was a lost soul looking for a light that would bring him back, but he found was me. To tell you the truth I didnt think that he needed me as much as I needed him. I was a wild fire that no one could control, because of that I didn't really have a love life. But thats a different story; the story you want to hear is how I became Poison and more importantly how I became His poison.

BEWARE: this is for young adults and sometimes you might get lost in the story but dont worry I promise to bring you back. so get ready cuz this is my story.

The End

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