Entry 2

Dear Diary,

Father took us on his errands today! It was fun to see so many people and places. I love my father. He's always so nice to everyone, especially me. He bought me and William some candy while we were there and always calls me his princess.

It's actually been quite awhile since I've written in here. I guess I just wanted to because my new sister is getting really close to coming! My parents finally decided on the name Susie. William pretends to not be excited, but I know he is. I caught him looking at baby toys in town today.

But then he got back at me because earlier I was looking at a neighbor boy my age. I was only going to say hi to him, but William doesn't believe me. Of course he doesn't. He's my little brother.

Well, its time for me to go to bed. Don't worry, I'll catch up with you on the news about Susie. I'm so excited!





The End

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