The Diary of Nellie McFay

The Diary of Nellie McFay, a character in the story "Masquerade"

Entry 1

Dear Diary, what do I write first? I'm so excited Daddy gave this diary to me for Christmas! He says its good to record your thoughts and things so that you can look back on it later and remember the lessons you've learned.

Oh, and guess what? I'm going to be a big sister! Well, I already am because William, but now I'll have a little sister! Or at least thats what I hope it is. William is more than enough brother for me. Mommy was thinking about naming her Alice or Elinor  if its a girl but Daddy says we should name her Susie after my grandmother. I like the name Susie.

We got some carpet in our house for Christmas as well. It was my Daddy's gift to Mommy. William and I love it! Its so soft and feels funny between your toes.

Well I'd better go for now. I smell Mommy baking Christmas dinner and I have to make sure William doesn't beat me to the table to help decorate.


The End

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