Back AgainMature

Chapter 32

     Everything continued the same as it had for quite some time. It was like that for the rest of the school year. I was constantly in fear of what others were going to think if I did eventually open up. Near the end of school, I decided to try to let people know.

     I went on Facebook one evening, and looked down the “chat” list to see if anyone I could tell was on. A boy named Akease was on. He was really nice, and I felt like I could trust him. After debating whether to do so or not, I sent him a message.

     He replied; it was just a typical greeting. Then I started telling him. I told him that I didn’t have pneumonia, and that I tried to kill myself. He was calm, and he didn’t get upset at me. It was sort of touchy for him, as he knew people who had actually committed suicide.

     I felt awful after telling him, but also relieved. He knew, and he didn’t reject me. It was comforting knowing that I wasn’t entirely hated. Akease gave me faith in opening up.

     In fact, he took it so much better than I thought he would’ve, so I told more people. I messaged Austin, Elena, and about three others and told them what happened. It felt good knowing that I wasn’t hiding behind a lie anymore. None of the people I told reacted like I had expected them to, and I was thrilled.

     I walked into school next day with my head held high. A few people knew the truth, and they still treated me like a human being. I wasn’t ridiculed, or tortured because of that. In fact, the name calling went down a lot since I had gotten back. Everyone thinking I was physically sick must’ve had something to do with it, I had thought. Either way, things were better for a bit.

The End

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