Chapter 31

     Life continued at what was apparently normal, but it wasn’t. I was told that I wouldn’t be treated differently, but I was anyways. My parents would watch me constantly, analyzing my every move. They barely let me be alone, or let me leave of the house. I had come home during the weekend, and had school the next day. I made the decision that I would go.

     That first night home was hard. I felt so uncomfortable sleeping with my door open, and being checked on all throughout the night. It seemed as if I was being suffocated. I hated every second of it.

     Morning came, and I hadn’t gotten much sleep. I was driven into school, because I had to be reenrolled. Apparently, the hospital school was literally my school durning my stay, as in they had my information, and I was no longer a Mooresville student. It wasn’t like a got new classes or anything; I had just technically switched schools. I don’t complete understand it.

     When we got to the school, my mom and I went into the office to take care of everything. My English teacher was in there, and she came up and gave me a big hug. I found out that my teachers knew everything. I was humiliated, ashamed, and hurt. It seemed as if I was betrayed, and sold out.

     After I got over that, I went into the little lobby, waiting to go into the actual school. There, I saw Will, and he came up and hugged me, choking me a little. I was so happy to see him. It turns out he knew, too. As well as some of my other friends. I wanted to be the one to tell them, if they were ever going to find out. But I guess that didn’t happen.

     Will and I just stood and talk about everything. I told him about all of the people that I met, and the stuff that they did. He had my trust, so I let him entirely in. Will now knew everything. He was basically in my mind with me.

     The bell soon rang, and we entered the school. I walked to my homeroom, feeling the stares. A few people came up and asked me where I have been. I told them I had pneumonia, for lack of a better excuse. As silly as it seems, it worked. Now, only a select few people knew where I had really been.

     School dragged on and on, just like it had before. However, I was getting more special attention today. A counselor walked into my classroom, in each one of my classes. I thought the 24/7 monitoring was over. It was so embarrassing, because no one knew she was there because of me. They got suspicious, however, because our classes were never checked on this often. I just hope she wouldn’t say anything.

     Finally, the last bell of the day had rung. I walked to my bus, somewhat swiftly. Leaving school couldn’t have come soon enough. I had to sit still for so long. At the hospital, I was allowed to sit criss cross apple sauce in my desk, and in some other silly ways. We weren’t allowed at school, though. We just had to stay on our bums. I hated it so much.

     As I entered the bus, many people had their eyes on me. I didn’t have many classes with my bus mates, so they didn’t know anything. Again, I just told them that I simply had pneumonia. It was the easiest way to handle everything at the time. I didn’t want everyone seeing how weak I really was. I didn’t want everyone seeing how broken I really was. I didn’t want everyone seeing who I really was.

The End

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