Golf Ball in a BucketMature

Chapter 27

     I wake up to the sound of my door creaking, and see a nurse poking his head in to check on me. He seems surprised to see me awake, but then proceeds to check on the other patients.

     I groggily get out of bed, and look out of the window. The sun is barely there, as it is still quite dark. I figured it was somewhere around five in the morning. I had another two hours before I was due for vitals and breakfast. I picked up the new book, and dove right into it. This one was more of a mystery, intriguing me, and absorbing me into the story.

     Even though it was taking place in the scary, dark forest, it was still peaceful for me. I liked how I was in another world, and reality didn’t matter for a little bit. This book was quite large for me, near three hundred pages, so it kept me busy until I had to get out of bed.

     I threw on my socks, and walked to the room that I was ushered to. They told me to sit down in the green chair, so I did. The nurse I had seen in my room earlier put a blood pressure cuff around my arm, and stuck a thermometer in my mouth. KL told whispered to me that this was daily procedure. Ugh.

     Once the nurse was finished with me and I was deemed physically healthy, I got my tray out of the hot box in the hallway. Breakfast looked more unappetizing than last nights dinner. If they asked why I wasn’t eating it, I decided I’d tell them I don’t eat breakfast ever. I mean, I’m not lying or anything, so why not?

     The rest of the day dragged on, just as the previous had. This time, instead of being called in during the morning, I was called in in the afternoon. I took my seat, and fidgeted with my hands while the numerous doctors tried to ask questions, again. I simply shrugged as a reply for most of them. I don’t like being around a lot people, especially being the center of attention. It was terrifying.

     Once they finally released me, I walked as fast as I could without being yelled at to the day room. I was the last person to speak to the doctors today, so everyone was waiting for me to come back so group could start. Today, we were doing trust building. We did not do trust falls because they were “too unsafe” for us, but we had to pass a bucket around with our feet to learn to trust the next person to try their best. The hard part was the fact that there was a golf ball in the bucket, and we couldn’t drop it.

     It took us at least ten tries to get the bucket completely around the circle without dropping the ball. The game was quite frustrating, but once we completed it, we felt great about ourselves and each other’s roles in it. We had truly worked as a team, even Brie did! It was a big advancement in our relationship with each other, as we mainly associated with one or two people. We were now making friends with everyone in the group. I liked it. These people were like me, not some judgmental person who would tell me I’m a terrible person and that I was going to hell. It felt nice knowing I wasn’t alone, and that I had finally found others who I get along with. It was great.

The End

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