Grade 5- Part 1Mature

Ugh I don't even know where to begin. I hate even thinking about Grade 5. So many people that I've talked to have said that Grade 5 was the worst for them too, there's just something about it that makes it terrible for everyone... I don't even know why I went so off topic, I'm rambling, I know. Any way I can put off talking about this year LOL. Okay so anyways. I started Grade 5 in an awesome class. I had the teacher I wanted, Kate was in my class, and she introduced me to this big group of friends. I felt like I was on the top of the world. I had everything I could ever want. A great family and great friends. I even had my first crush. I forgot to mention him, I actually met him at a summer camp the summer before Grade 4, but he was in the other Grade 4 class, so I guess I forgot to mention him! He was just the cutest little thing. So I started liking him, and back then, MSN was the big thing. You were the biggest loser if you weren't on MSN. SO OF COURSE I had my MSN account with all my friends and I was logged on every single hour of every single day. We talked every single day, I literally thought I was in love with him. One day, he asked me who I liked, and of course I wouldn't just spit it out. I was in Grade 5, a girls gotta be a little mysterious. And I obviously asked him the same thing. So we played this little game. I'd be like "Does she have brown hair?" and he'd be like "Yes. Does he wear glasses?" and I'd be like "No" then ask another question about her. At one point, it became totally obvious that we were talking about each other. I gotta admit, it was pretty damn cute. I was definitely blushing my ass off at that point. So he asked me out and we basically had that little kid kind of relationship. As in, over MSN. Everything was great for awhile, I was having a blast. Then it started going downhill.

The End

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