The Beginning: Grade 1-4Mature

We all have our life stories. Some are sad, some are happy, some are boring and some are interesting. I don't know how I would classify mine. I'd say it's a combination of all categories. This is not fiction. This is my story.

I started Grade 1 like any normal first grader. I was excited to go to elementary school, excited to meet new people. I don't really remember much. Grades 1-4 were particularly uneventful and I can't even begin to remember anything about those years, even if I tried. After Grade 3, I switched schools and that's definitely where my life story begins. My first year there, Grade 4, was interesting. My first day was the scariest thing I've ever experienced (except for maybe the first day of High School, I basically shat my pants that day). We played some name games at the beginning. I'm not really sure why, considering I was the only new person and the teacher shouldn't have had to cater to my needs. Everyone knew each other, they had been at school with each other for years now. And I knew not one person. It was definitely difficult, I've never been a social butterfly. I have trouble putting myself out there, out of fear. Anyways, I met a few people that I was friends with for a bit, but my real saviour was this one girl, let's call her Kate. Kate was beautiful, tiny, and we bonded super quickly. She was always there for me, told me who to hang out with, who not to hang out with. We became close super quickly, considering I didn't really have many friends and was definitely a little desperate. Grade 4 ended and I felt more at home with the school and with my classmates. I was starting to feel comfortable and really relaxed at school, after a few months of anxiety and stress. Little did I know, Grade 5 was literally going to be my worst nightmare.

The End

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