Level 16. (end)Mature

The feeling of prizing my eyes open and light burning my eyes was starting to become a familiar one. Yet this time there was something different, the dull, cold light I had become accustomed to had been replaced with a warm and welcoming one. As my vision cleared I noticed the room was sterile and white, far better than the dingy bathroom. My limbs were sore and I couldn’t feel my right shoulder.  I tried to move my left hand. All I could feel was cotton, a soft cotton. My heart began to relax. I don’t think I’ll ever take my comfy bed for granted again when I get home. Home! I panicked. Where was I now! Please don’t let me be in the clutches of that lab coat man. No! I don’t want any more of that scary blue stuff. I start to struggle against my dead limbs. Frantically I started tossing and kicking like a mad man. I saw the cotton bed sheets fall to the ground. There were tubes running into my arm. One tube was full of a red liquid; blood. The other was full of a clear looking liquid. All I could think of was the pale blue liquid. I ripped the tubes from my arm. Instantly a wave of burning pain and nausea rushed over me. I stumbled out of the bed. Alarms were going off all around me. Loud droning beeps and lots of heavy footsteps flooded my ears. I took a step forward and let go of the bed. My good arm went crashing into floor with a bang as my right leg buckled. People in hospital uniforms and lab coats swarmed me. I kicked back as they tried to pick me up. They hoisted me back into bed. With my body being so weak I couldn’t fight them off as easily as before. More attendants flooded the room and my arms were strapped down. Then my good leg was strapped to the side of the hospital cart. A tall Japanese women with eyes like Usagi’s pushed her way through and began to shine a light into my eyes.  “Mr. Yoichi, please calm down. You’re safe! Now calm down. You’re in a private hospital.” Two female attendants re attached the tubes to my arm and they began to disperse. Behind them I could see Uruha fully clad in protective armor with his helmet beneath his left arm. A scared Usagi under his other. I could see Uruha’s fear when he looked at my restrained body. I’d never seen him afraid. I’ve definatly never seen him look at me like he’s about to cry and I never want too again. Usagi prised his head from Uruha’s side and I could see his blood shot, red eyes and tear stained face. I hated seeing my friends like this, so I clenched my eyes shut as hard as I could. I started to feel the drug working through my system. I realised the clear drug flowing into my arm must be a combination of sedatives and morphine. With that I started to drift into a restless sleep.

 When I reopened my eyes I heard Usa’s friendly voice shouting, “He’s finally awake! Everyone come quick, he’s awake!” I felt more grogy than before, as if I’d woken up from a deep sleep. I looked around the small hospital room. I could see the arm restraints were now gone. I still had indents where they’d been so they can’t have been gone long now. The tubes were also gone, and I had some sensation in my right arm again. I pushed myself up so I could sit. I could see now Usagi was stood at the foot of my bed bouncing like an excited puppy. Uruha had a pink and black striped hoodie thrown over his chest. It was far too small for him but it was better than nothing. He sat up in a small arm chair rubbing his head. He looked how I felt right now, so I’m guessing he hasn’t slept well either. He stood anxiously tossing the hoodie to one side. He must have gone home to change because he was now in some plain black skinny jeans and a black top. It was bizarre seeing him in something so plain. He rushed towards me, and flung his arms round my neck, pulling himself into the crook of my neck. “Aw how come you get the first hug! No fair!” I could feel Uruha chuckle, or was he sobbing. He lifted his head and brushed his hair to one side. He’d deffinatly been sobbing. My heart wretched, I really do hate seeing him like this. I’d take the kind of viscious looking, strong, misunderstood Uruha any day. “Dude we thought we’d lost you!” He rubbed his knuckles against my head. It was good to see him happy. Usagi lept up on the other side of the bed and hugged up to my side. A vision of a tear stained Usagi popped into my head. I felt another devastating pang. “I’m sorry about earlier. The whole freaking out, trying to escape thing. It’s been a rough few days. I’m sorry about making you cry.”

“You should Masahiko! You’ve been out for a week! Uruha has barely slept,” Usagi stared up at me with his big eyes and smiled. I felt myself chuckle and I winced. The door to the room opened. Lucy and Emily walked in. Their distraught faces told me everything, but as soon as they saw me their faces lit up. “Come on join in,” Usagi gestured towards me and Uruha stood up awkwardly, coughed and let my sister sit beside me. She hugged me really tight. I was so delighted to see her again that I didn’t even feel my stomach tighten.

“Oh god! Where’s my grandfather?” Everyone looked at me puzzled.

“He’s locked up in a psych ward sedated. Why?” Usagi looked puzzled to why I suddenly cared about that monster.

“I think I came out to him!”





Level Up!



The End

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