Level 15. The Boss FightMature

Emiko’s chauffer had driven me back to the heart of Tokyo after I’d delivered her lifeless body to her parents. My heart was still aching terribly from Samuel, from Emiko and from remembering my mum being shot. I had no idea which hotel I was being kept in, but I had a feeling my grandfather’s men would be watching me no matter what. I headed to a small café me and Uruha hang out in when I come to visit. The staff know me well and I pull up a stool at the bar and order I coffee. I don’t really drink coffee but the situation calls for something stronger then iced green tea. The owners daughter brings me over my drink and I find myself starring at the same red haired Lolita girl from the restaurant. “I knew I recognised you. Look I need you to do me a favour. Can I borrow a phone?” She smiled and fished out her cell phone. I punched in the number for Uruha’s apartment. It automatically went to voice mail as it was a unrecognised number. “Uruha. 501, I repeat 501. Code words hotel and grandfather. Track this phone.”  I turned to the Lolita girl. “I promise I’ll bring it back. Honest I wouldn’t do this unless it was an emergency.” I tucked the flip phone over my boxers at my side and hid it with my shirt and gulped down the coffee just as a car sped through the front window of the shop.

Three goons grabbed hold of me and bundled me into the back of the car. I knew Uruha would get my message. He was always at his apartment spending quality time with Usagi-kun at this time of the day. I’ll have to apologise for interrupting them later. I didn’t put up much of a struggle in the car. I was trying to keep up the illusion that I was still under the drug. Annoyingly I had to let them put a bag over my head so I didn’t know where we were going. But it didn’t matter seeing as the phone was still at my side. Once we had gotten back to the hotel I was dragged to the room where I’d originally had tried to escape. The bag was ripped off my head and I was told to kneel. So I did. My grandfather sat in a traditional lacquer arm chair. “So what happened? How did the date go?” I tried to keep my tone as flat as it was when I was drugged. “She was a very beautiful lady. You have a good eye sir.”

“Why did you leave the restaurant?”

“Miss Emiko wanted to see my favourite place in Tokyo Sir. So I obliged.”

“Then?” I could tell my grandfather was getting suspicious.

“She got sick sir;” I could feel my resolve cracking “It was going oh so well…until she died.” I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I was un bound, bitter, sore and the one man I wanted to hurt the most was right in front of me. I rose to my feet staring him in the eyes.

“Sir I think the drug has worn off,” said the lab coat man.

“No fucking shit,” my grandfather yelled. “Open fire. Shoot to mame I want that son of a bitch alive!”

Eight laser sights aimed towards my direction, but I was already moving. There was no way I was being taken out now. My heart began pounding as the bullets started raining down. There’s always been something about gun fire, it’s like a trigger. Ever since mum was shot. It makes me lose control. The first two guards were easy to take out but as I collided with the third I heard my grandfather getting out of his chair. I turned in his direction and flung one of the arm guards at the wall beside his head. It lodged deep into the wall. Both the second one I threw in his direction, he batted away and turned to face me. A foul wretched look creaked its way across his face. “What are you so much of a coward you won’t face up to your own mess?” I flung another guard in his direction. Five guards down and suddenly the bullets stopped. I saw my grandfather with a gun in his hand, he pointed it in my direction. “You disgust me, child.” I dodged the first shot but the second carved its way into my shin knocking me to the floor. I rolled as another shot rang out. A bullet hit the floor where I had been. I looked up, heaving and blood now freely pouring from my leg. I tried to stand. Sharp agony spread up my side and caused me to buckle. The next shot landed in my left shoulder.

My vision blurred. I was losing a lot of blood already. I thought of my mum and my father. Their smiling faces filled me with warmth. I thought of my mum, my sister, of Elizabeth, Uruha and Usagi. Yes they were coming for me. I can’t die right now. My new family and my friends gave my soul a new burst of determination. Somewhere up ahead was my grandfather. Emiko’s face, that poor innocent girl, she gave me the strength to pull myself up.  I could hear that foul smelling monster laughing ahead of me. My vision was still blurry and my stomach wanted to throw out my meal but none of it mattered anymore. I could feel the blood trickling down my right arm. I could feel it was damaged. I knew I wouldn’t be able to use it now. Thankfully I was left handed.

“Don’t you see child. I gave you everything. Your power, your skills you’re determination. It was all MY doing! I taught you everything you know. I taught you how to love and how to feel pain. I’ve controlled your entire life. Look at yourself, your getting up with injuries that would cripple most men. Oh the agony you must be in! But your still going.”

Through my obscured vision I could see him arms outstretched acting like a god ans lapping my agony up. I couldn’t stand the sound of his delusional laughing anymore.

“You know what my greatest feat was child? Having that dumb bitch your mother killed!”

I stopped dead in my tracks. “You what,” I spat.

“I killed your mother! I had her shot to teach you pain! And now I get to kill you by her sword! It’s such a shame child; you were such a good creation.”

I felt a part of my heart shrivel as my stomach tightened. The revelation made my head whirl. My vision was clearing and every part of me was screaming in agony. My adrenaline was running low. The severity of my wounds was now becoming clear. That bastard had killed my mother! His own daughter! I flipped over one of the fallen goons at my feet and took his sword. I let the sheath fall to the ground.  “I won’t let you get in my way any longer!” I lunged at the monstrous old man. With a giant grin spreading across his face, my grandfather went to unsheathe his own sword. Using the borrowed blade I swiped at the belt holding the sheath. With a thud the sword, sheath and belt hit the floor. “I wish I could have done this with my mother’s sword,” I said whilst my grandfather was still grabbing air where his sword had once been. Using all my strength I slid the blade into his gut. My grandfather started to choke on blood. The sound startled me and I let go of the blade. “If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from you, you sad, old bastard, is that,” I gasped for air, “Death is too good for you.”

I grabbed for my mother’s blade and  took a few steps back. My leg was becoming weaker again and I knew I shouldn’t sand on it much longer. But I wasn’t going to collapse before he was. “Oh and where romance is concerned,” I said looking over my shoulder at my grandfather as he toppled sideways, barely alive. “I’m gay.”

With that his choking grew louder in defiance.  A small laugh made its way free. “I’ve wanted to tell you for so long.” I turned to see his angry face glaring up at me. His mouth flapping soundlessly like a poorly dubbed character. I looked straight in his eyes, “yes, I fuck men.” My leg was now shaking uncontrollably. I could hear the faint sounds of heavy boots heading in our direction. My leg went from beneath me. As the door to the dishevelled apartment was blown open, my eyelids began to droop. I saw the armoured form of Uruha. His natural grey eyes locked onto me and collapsed to the floor next to me whilst his back up secured my grandfather. “Long time no see Uruha,” I said as I collapsed into his open arms. I was finally saved.

The End

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