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The next morning I woke, stirred by the sound of robins chirping around me. I flung my eyes open. I was still in the tree. A small robin landed on my lap and looked up, thoughtfully at me. Its tiny black eyes glistening in the early morning light. I smiled at it. Mother Nature is so beautiful at this time of the year. All of a sudden its head whirled, its beak opened and a squeaky chirp cut through the air like a knife. It sounded like a scream and with it all the birds took off in a flurry of feathers all around me. My gut told me to run. I snapped open my belt and leapt from the tree. I hit the ground hard and started to run. A loud crack ruptured the now silent forest and I stumbled forward. My left foot had become caught in something. Looking down I saw something similar to a bear claw trap. It was square in shape and lacked fangs. Metal coils were attached to the corners of the trap. I could see wires extending out like a web from it. This was bad. An electric sound zapped through the air and I heard the snow around me sizzle. Men clad in bullet proof vests, reinforced cargo jeans and trench coats, appeared from behind the trees.  The man directly in front of me rose up an arm and touched his ear. “Master we’ve captured the target,” he said bluntly.  Another sizzle went through the air and electricity surged through my body, digging little knives into every part of my body. The feel of the cold snow against my body was a relief but I was down. The men closed in and my eye lids shut like heavy iron curtains.


Waking up was more like swimming to the surface from the bottom of a deep, deep ocean. So dark and so very cold. Opening my eyes hurt like hell. My vision blurred and my stomach lurched. I sank into the darkness again


“Hey look the pigs left us a gift. The disgraceful piece of shit,” said a strange gruff voice in Japanese. He spat and a large boot converged with my side. “Hey sleepy head, wake up the Master wants to see you.”


Waking up this time was easier. My limbs were sore. I could run marathons and I’m sure I’d feel better than this. My face must have been stuck to the floor for some time. As I pulled my self up I narrowly missed putting my hand in a pile of dried vomit. I stretched and went to rub my aching neck. I noticed my wrists were in shackles. Shackles! I must have woken up in some very bizarre kinky place. As I tried to sit crossed legged my ankle was yanked back. Yet more shackles. My memories began to surface. The night before with Samuel. The thought of him made my stomach heave, but it was entirely empty. I dragged my knees up to my chin and buried my face in my arms. I held down the sobs trying to come out of my mouth. A fresh pain appeared in my chest. I was hungry, bitter and miserable. I’d woken up in god knows where.  The memories of the men and the forest drifted to the surface. The scream of the robin finally got me to notice my inner warning bells. They must have been going off for ages. My heart felt so numb. I know I should move, try and escape, but what was the point. I’d lost the first decent person I’d met whilst in England. My lust had driven me and I’d thrown away something I’d cared about. An image of my sister’s face appeared in my mind. Samuel wasn’t the first decent person I’d met. I had a new family now. A sister who loved me. I could see her at the house now, making breakfast with my new mom. The smell of Danish pastries filling the air. Their smiling and happy faces that always welcomed me. I knew that I had to get back to them. I opened my eyes and saw my sister’s jade necklace. So what if they weren’t my real flesh and blood family. They were better than I could have ever hoped for. I owed it to them to make it back to them.

Step 1; analyse the situation. My survival now depends on this.  What do I know about my surroundings? My right ankle is shackled by a heavy chain to the base of a sink. My wrists are chained together. I sit up and examine the chains. There’s no way I can break them. I felt my heart sank, but I’m not going to give in. Where am I? I’m in a bathroom. There’s no lock on the inside of the door and no sign of a lock that needs a key either. I notice a poster on the back of the door, it reads; “Please wash your hands.” It’s in Japanese but I can’t get any dialect from it. I guess I’m in a Japanese hotel or public building, but guessing in this situation can be dangerous. There’s no telling what’s on the other side of that door. It could be a façade for all I know but I refuse to give up hope. I go back to examining the chains. There’s got to be a way to escape. The chain connected to my wrists glints in the light. It’s been sharpened. My stomach knots itself, a sickening feeling washes over me, my captor isn’t stupid, this is a test. I look at the base of the sink. It doesn’t match the rest of the bathroom. My heart leaps and  I’m surprised I didn’t notice before. I grab it between my hand and it comes away easily. Its heavy and not much use as a weapon so I place it quietly on the floor. I look back at the rest of the sink. There’s no pipes behind the cover so the chain around my ankle is now free. I pick up the chain, and start working it into a knot as quietly as I can. I may not be able to get the shackle off but I could use the chain as a rudimentary club. I pick up the knot, its about the size of a football, and I make my way up to the door and listen. There are two male voices speaking in Japanese on the other side of the door. They had thick Tokyo accents and by the sound of it were playing cards. I knocked loudly on the door. I heard them curse and stumble toward the door. I pressed my body hard against the wall and took cover.

The door opened swiftly, and the first man walked in. Using my shoulder I slammed door into the second guys face knocking him prone. He stumbled backwards, blood already streaming from his nose. Stealthily I looped the chain around the first mans neck slicing it open. He fell free from the chain as the second man charged at me from behind me. I side stepped and spun on my left foot sending the chain club into his back. The force knocked him forward into the sink and his spine snapped with a sickening crack as his face embedded itself into the mirror.  I’ve just killed two people. Two families ruined who’s dad’s won’t be coming home ever again. I stared at the sharpened chain, now dripping with blood. Two people. I steadied myself, I could cry and feel guilty later, but now I have to escape. I held the jade pendant inbetween my fingers. I have to escape.

I moved into the corridor outside the bathroom. It opened into a dingy, small hotel room. The only light in the room was coming from outside, a multitude of colours. The lights of Tokyo. There was a click somewhere in the darkness in front of me. I ducked, my legs spread, my hands to the floor. The air suddenly felt electrified. Tasers. I suck in as much air as possible. The current in the air was exhilarating and I felt my eyes widen. My instincts took other every muscle in my body and I lunged forward like a wild animal. I snapped the live cord with the sharpened chain. The charge tickled at my wrists beneath the cuffs and it urged me further.  As I got closer I could see four figures. My soul growled like a ferocious beast as adrenaline burned though out my body. I pounced the man closest to the windows and sliced his neck open. As he collapsed to his knees I ran to the wall, flipping backward and sending the ball into the next attacker. A second bolt whizzed past my ear, the sound of the live current snapped my attention to the two reaming men. Another was bolt sent in my direction, I side stepped and caught the wire with my teeth. The current didn’t even make me flinch and I pulled the man at the other end of the wire closer. I sent the chain his way and it hit him square in the jaw. He collapsed into the wall and I made my way toward the last attacker. I threw the bolt to one side, and the last man dropped his Taser. His face was growing ever paler. I side punched him in the face and headed out the door coated in blood. I heard the door click behind me, then another click. I spun on my heels but it was too late. Sharp claws of another Taser sunk into the soft flesh of my left shoulder. This one was strongest than the others and before I could respond my knees gave way and my face slammed into the floor.

My eyes cracked open. Bright white light burnt into my retinas. I was back in the bathroom. My arms were wrenched backwards and chained somewhere behind my head. I could feel another chain coiled around my neck. My blood strained, silk shirt cut open and my pale chest and slight six pack were on display. My jeans were hung over the side of the bath next to me and two chains bound my legs to the floor. In front of me I could see a pair of geta shoes and feet.

“Ah it’s about time you woke,” said an old voice. An old man’s voice. My heart filled with dread. The old attire, the voice, this whole twisted set up; there was only one person this could be.

“Hello Grandfather.”

The End

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