The Diary of Masahiko Yoichi (level 8)Mature

It felt like my face had been dragged through broken glass. As my eyes opened the light burned. I could hear my sister on the other side of my bedroom door. Had all that been just another crazy dream?

"Hey bro Are you ok in there? Your alarm clock has been going off for hours."

I clambered to my knees as she spoke. I couldn't remember going to sleep last night. Behind me lay a cute and innocent looking Samuel. He was still asleep, and tightly gripping his controller like a teddy bear. I grabbed my Japanese silk dressing gown and threw it on. My hands pulled the belt round my waist until it was firmly tied and covering the slight damp patch on my pyjama shorts. That’s funny I couldn't remember getting dressed either. I'd somehow got into my leather trimmed cotton shorts, but not in the pyjama top. Plus these pyjamas were reserved for special occasions. (Christmas and holidays only, I know what you were thinking.)

I opened the door and saw my gothic sister leaning against the door frame. She had her usual leather and steel, spike collar on. She was wearing her usual female tailored shorts with knee high socks. Both were trimmed in black lace. To go with it she had one of her various metal band t-shirts on and one spiked leather cuff. I noticed that she'd had white streaks put into her hair and was now sporting two, high tied pigtails. This was another reason why I liked my sister, both our cultures blended well so it made it easier, in the beginning, to get along. That and my sister all ways managed to look cool, gothic, and like she'd been dragged out of an anime.

Behind her I could see Elizabeth. She's my sister's best friend, it’s important that I introduce her here. There’s no doubt I'd confuse you later if I didn't. You see Elizabeth and Emilie spend half their time here and half the time at Elizabeth's parent's house. Elizabeth was shyer than my sister Emilie. She's medium height, has silvery, white hair, a pale complexion, cute and doe-ish features with one bright red eye and a pink-ish eye. She was an albino and often wears pink tinted glasses for reading. She has waist length hair and is into both gothic and steam-punk clothing.  She also had a crush on me when I was first adopted into the Hull family.

My sister and her best friend were the only people to know about my orientation. (Oh and Lucy.) But the three of us have been cool with each other, ever since. That and we also trade yaoi books, which is always awesome.

"You ok? You look starved." Emilie gave me a concerned pat on the shoulder. The last time I'd seen her was before I was ill. I couldn't help wincing though. Only then did I realise the pain and the dead feeling in my arm.

"Careful with the shoulder sis, I landed on it funny in my sleep."

"Common I'll take a look at it for you," she pointed towards her room and ushered me in as she spoke.

Elizabeth moved over on my sister's bed for me, and I took a place on the foot of her bed. She pulled my dressing gown off my shoulder, and I caught a glimpse of Elizabeth blushing and burying her face into her shojou manga. "It looks like you've dislocated it. What did you do again?"

"I woke up on the floor so I must have fallen out."

"Your bed is huge though," announced Elizabeth.

"Yeah, well Samuel and I were playing games till... I have no idea. But we must have passed out from exhaustion. So he must of pushed me out of bed in his sleep."

As I spoke, my two female friends blushed more and more, and then giggled, at each other. I knew exactly what they were thinking.

"Aww you were having a lovers tiff."

"Unfortunately it's not like that. I wish it was like that though." I could feel myself blushing slightly.

"Well whatever you say then," she teased. "Hang tight while I put your shoulder back."

My sister had been training to be a medic for years. She started first aid training with the local youth club at age 10. She now part timed as a first aider for the same club. So I trusted her to put me right. she'd fixed me up before when I'd gotten into fights at school. She was always there with her first aid kit to hand. There was a sudden crack. A small stinging pain emerged in my shoulder for a few minutes. I flexed my arm and fingers to check everything were ok, and stood up to leave.

"Hey sis, can I talk to you about something after Samuel's gone home?"

"Sure, anything. The doors always open for you."

She giggled as I walked out on to the landing. We smiled and all three of us did the anime peace thing and shouted “sugoi”. Around each other we could be as Otaku as we liked. Sometimes we had whole discussions in Japanese. Our own little goodbye says it all. It was awesome having a sister. She called after me as I was entering my room. "Oh yeah, mum's making a huge buffet breakfast for us all."

"Cheers! I'll be down in ten." And with that I closed the door behind me. I headed towards Samuel; he was just about waking up. He looked up at me and rubbed his cute, teary eyes. "Morning sleepy head." I couldn't help noticing his curls bobbing as he stretched. "Common my mums making breakfast for us all. Her cooking is amazing so you should like it, and there'll be bacon." He grinned at me and both of our stomachs growled in unison.

Well I was definitely sure of one fact now. That dream had made it more than painfully clear. I liked him, liked him a lot.

The End

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