The Diary of Masahiko Yoichi (level 7)Mature

Level 7!


I could tell that there was something weird about the house. It was deathly quiet as we snuck downstairs. Both Samuel and I were hungry. As he pattered around the kitchen rummaging for food, my head began to burn. A glowing light burst from him and I saw him bound and cooking. Was this a flashback? I tried to ignore the sight before me. It was like trying to avoid the fact your house is on fire while you’re doing your housework.

There was some leftover food in the oven. It had a small label on top, with our names on it. I removed the label and stuck it in the microwave to heat. Samuel followed me toward the Zen room.

Once there he plonked himself down on a bean bag that had been left in the middle of the floor. His legs were spread from the knees and his top was undone to below the chest. I couldn’t ignore it any more. If he wasn't trying to get my attention I don't know what he was aiming for.

I knelt before him. One of his legs wrapped its self around mine as if to pull me closer. I leant in. Our bodies were now centimetres away from each other. As Samuel breathed I could just feel his now bare stomach. I placed one hand near his head. My other hand found its way naturally to his exposed hip. Our lips now close enough to feel each other’s breath. In the distance I could hear the microwave beeping. The sun was just about the break into the room. But none of that mattered any more. I had a far better feast lay before me. So I went in for the kill.

As our lips touched I could feel coils of electricity winding round me. Samuel's delicate hands wormed their way towards my jeans. I felt his fingers fumble and slip down the inside of my leg. (Even with material between them. It felt good for this hand to be brushing against my cock.) The hand near Samuel's head, flew towards my jeans. Speedily they undid the button and fly. I could have died there and be satisfied for ever. (Who am I kidding.) But his fingers weaved their way around the buttons on my boxers. One by one he pulled them off. Each one clinking on the tiles. Still our lips were colliding. With each one he got closer. After four buttons he slipped his hand in and began stroking what no other man had touched before. As he positioned it just lower than the base of his spine, I could feel the heat radiating off him. I drove forwards. Everything around us melted as I felt his skin and the warmth of his insides. His legs clung onto my back. They urged me deeper. My heart beating ever faster. A tingling sensation burst from my stomach and took over my brain. As I saw Samuel's head tilt back in pure pleasure, I began nuzzling at his neck. Instinctively  I began to move my hips. I could hear Samuel's gentle panting and I licked his neck. His skin tasted so pure, all I could think was "more, more". As panting turned into moans I bit softly. My movements increased and so did his moans.

But all too suddenly our blissful audio was broken. A shrill taping sound appeared on the nearby door. Nervously we looked over. On the other side of the sliding doors stood our Mrs Jenkins, cat in one arm cross curled in her talons. Her psychotic frown grew larger. She looked like we'd just taken a dump on her precious rose bushes. My first experience ruined. All I wanted to do now was rip her head off. Just I had finished thinking she collapsed backwards. Where she once stood my grandfather now, filled with rage took her place. His fingers now elongating into sharp katanas, and collideing with the glass doors. Sharp fangs burst from his jaws and he emitted a low hollow scream. More of those screams echoed through the house. More vicous and monsterous forms of my grandfather came hurtling towards me. As panic started to build within me, I felt the warmth beneath me mealt and ooze away. Where Samuel once lay there was nothing but pink ribbons that began to lunge towards my throat. Clawing crazily at my neck I frantically began to gasp for air. The bean bag that was now smothering me burst into flames. Suddenly I felt sharp pain in my shoulder and my ears were full of the sounds of fire, screaming and more fire.


The End

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