The Diary of Masahiko Yoichi (level 6)Mature

I had to call him. I'd been trying to calm myself down for hours now but nothing seemed to work. I had to find out what he wanted. I just couldn't get the words right, in my head. Trembling, I looked down at the note. I started to punch in the numbers. They had a rhythmic pattern to them as I pressed them. 
It had been days since I last saw him. As I listened to the phone dialling, my stomach started to clench. I haven't felt this nervous since I was a kid at my granddad's house. A female voice emerged on the other end of the line. "Hello, who is it?"
"Urm..." I couldn't help but stutter. "Is this Samuels house?"
"Yes, I'll shout him for you, "
A few minutes later, I could hear the sound of his sweet voice.

"Hello Samuel here."
"Hi, Samuel. Sorry it’s a bit late, but I've only just got up."
"It’s ok, your mum told me you were ill. Are you feeling better? I've missed you online."
"I'm feeling slightly better. Haven't got a clue what was wrong with me though."
"Do you want to join me on a game? Not right now though. You know later, when we’ve stopped talking on the phone. But … anyway I don't feel that much like gaming right now anyway."
"Gasp! I never thought I'd hear you say that LOL."
"Ha. Anyway I'd say we could go online and do something but....we seem to only do one thing."
"You could always come over." I'll never know where the strength to say that came from. But it was a start in the right direction. Plus I could always say I wanted to expand our activities. (Yes I know how weird that sound’s but we’ve never hung out in person.) He is my only friend and all that.
"Oh, hmm. It's almost tea time, are you sure your parents won't mind?"
"I'm sure my mum won't mind. She's always telling me I should bring friends round."
"Oh ok just call and check though. I don't want to get you in trouble."

So we exchanged addresses and I put the phone down. What was I thinking? Samuel, coming round, here! What am I going to do? I can't cancel. Not know. And I can't lie to him. Somehow I just know I would give in if he ever asked why. I stood up and headed downstairs. Mum had come back when I was on the phone and I couldn't let him just turn up. As I pushed apart the beaded curtain I could see mum painting. 
"Oh, hi sweetie. How are you feeling now?"
"Better thanks. Can I ask you a question though?"
"Sure go right ahead dear. Is something bothering you?" She spun round on her stool and put her palette down.
"It's nothing major. It's just, the guy who rung me earlier."
"Oh." She giggled softly. I think she knew that I liked him. Somehow she just knew. "If you want advice dear, I could give you some?"
I couldn't stop myself from blushing. "It's not what I think you think. It's just... we usually go online and play games. I know it's late in the day but could he...”
I didn't need to say anything else. She knew what I was asking.

"Of course he can, I don't mind. Plus it's quiet here tonight. Your sis is round at her friend’s house and your dad won't be back till tomorrow morning."
"Thanks." I felt compelled to hug her. But for some reason I couldn't, but she smiled anyways. I headed into the front room and sat on one of the furry bean bags. I searched in my side pocket for my phone and started to text Samuel. There was nothing else to do but wait.



At about 5 o’ clock my mum started to make tea. I’d joined her in the Zen room to talk whilst she cooked. There was a light tapping at the back doors. I jumped and my cup of tea spilt on my jeans. I looked over and there was Mrs Jenkins from number 42. When I’d first arrived at my new home Mrs Jenkins had broken into the back garden during our first family meal and started attacking my new mum’s tea plants. You see Mrs Jenkins’ is a lonely old lady who has started going mad over the past few years. During the meal my new mum joked about her being part of the family too and had left the table to escort Mrs Jenkins back to her own home. My new dad excused himself also to help. It had been an awkward first meal and every couple of nights since Mrs Jenkins has been back to wreak havoc or just shout and complain. After the first month or so my new mum Lucy told me about Mrs Jenkins’ past. She’s had a very colourful life, but her children were killed in a war and her husband died of dementia four years before I arrived. Since her husband’s death Mrs Jenkins has been slowly going mad. I felt sorry for her. In a way she reminded me of my own dad, but at least he’d had my to look after him. Mrs Jenkins’ was alone, mad and frail. I’d found out of Lucy when her birthday was and every year, I’ve sent her a card and a present. As a family we also give her a Christmas present, and makes sure she gets a hot meal.

On this occasion she seemed weary and Lucy had left me in charge of the stew and rice she was cooking. It was about an hour before she came back and I’d tried to keep her tea warm. Lucy always looked so tired after dealing with Mrs Jenkins. We both looked at each other and I tried to smile. We both knew what each other was thinking. We both wished there was something we could do to help Mrs Jenkins.


It was almost 7 o'clock when the knock on the door appeared. My heart and stomach both leaped at the same time, and almost collided with each other. I stumbled helplessly out of the beanbag. My mum beat me to the door. I stood slightly behind her in the hallway. I could just about peer over her shoulder. In front of her was the hooded figure of Samuel. In the dim light of the evening, I could just about make out his long curls poking out of his hood.
A wise looking woman stood tall and proud behind him. My mum signalled them both into the living room. "Welcome. I guess you’re a friend of my Masahiko's and you’re his mother?" My mum walked into the Zen room. She held back the bead curtain for our guests. "Feel free to sit in one of the rattan chairs or beanbags. Would any of you like a brew? I have many flavours of tea, so don't worry if you have any unusual tastes."
"I'm fine thanks ...urm Mrs ..."
"Don't worry about last names. You can call me Lucy."

There was a short silence before Samuel's mum replied. "If you have any lavender tea that would be great, thank you. I'm sorry I haven't introduced myself. I'm Samantha, and this is my son, Samuel. It's a pleasure to meet you Lucy."
"A pleasure to meet you too. I'll just be a minute while I make you some tea. Masahiko, could you open the small divider in the wall please? Oh and could you stand up the bamboo screens please? I put them in the basket next to you when I was painting. Thanks dear."

I turned round and opened the small divider between the zen room and the kitchen. Then turned and started to rummage in the container for the dividers. An awkward silence hung in the room until Samantha spoke up. "So you are the Masahiko, Samuel has been talking about. It's nice to meet you. Samuel has told us lots about you."
"It’s nice to meet you too."
"Is it ok if Samuel stays the night? It's a bit late and I have to be up really early tomorrow to drop my daughter off for her school trip. I'm sorry to ask at short notice and all..."

My mum spoke up from the kitchen over the sound of her organic brewing machine. "It's perfectly fine. It'll be fun having him round. Our house is slightly empty right now. And it’s eerie when this house is too quiet. Plus we've got plenty of room. There's a sofa in Masahiko's room or they're free to sleep downstairs in here." My mum returned with a small pot of tea and two Japanese porcelain mugs on a tray. "I hope you enjoy the tea," she said as she poured two cups out. "It’s all hand blended. I prefer tea made like this." She took her own cup and curled up in a vine laced, suspended rattan chair. 
After Samantha had finished her cup of tea she thanked my mum, and left. My mum had signalled after her to help with Samuel’s bags. After Samuel had got his bags from his mum’s car, I showed him up to my room. I don't think I've ever been so anxious in my life.



Maybe having a sleep over with Samuel wasn't such a good idea after all. Sure it was fun but hormones. Oh god the hormones! Trying to resist, and strongly longing for things I'm not sure of, is hard. It's worse than being left at home and everyone else getting to go to Otaku Con. But what could I expect. I threw myself into the deep end. If anything I just seemed shy. I guess I could have done worse then.

After finally making my way upstairs I showed Samuel to my room. Firstly I've never known those stairs to take so long to walk up, and I'm so glad I didn't fall over them. Now being big gamer and an even bigger Otaku my room seems normal to me. When you include my financial circumstances, I guess my room seems epic. My room was originally the spare bedroom of the house. It’s slightly larger than average and has a sofa at one end.

I have to admit I think I have good tastes in interior decorating. I mean I designed the four poster bed myself and had it hand carved out of English ebony. I realize this might make me seem like a rich jerk, but I just like the Neo-classical, Victorian look. I have a T.V within a very period looking frame on top of a chest of draws, at the foot of my bed. I also have a large double door wardrobe emblazoned with gold leaf, Japanese, dragons. The walls are clustered with shelves, some are still visible to the naked eye, but you'd have to know they were there to see them. The walls are covered completely with several thousands of game cases. All categorized by genre and console. They didn't even stop for the couch. The black leather and velvet chaise lounge was surrounded by several English region games.

As Samuel walked in I could feel his shock. His cases fell to the ground and he collapsed on to the ground as if he were praying. I couldn't help feeling bemused. I didn't see what was so amazing to him. I crouched next to him and tried to see if he was OK. His fine curls were quivering as he struggled to find words. Out of the blue he turned and hugged me. Being worried about him I'd let my guard down. And as he hugged we fell backwards on to my fur rug. His face flushed and turned the colour of a million strawberries, when he realized what had happened. I could happily lie beneath him as he tried to sit up. Seeing his tears of joy disparate and his face fill with panic I couldn't help but chuckle. I'd realized that even with my pride I wouldn't think about begging for this moment not to end, I just would. I’d beg for it. Just like some sentimental, horny yaoi character.

When he finally managed to sit up, it looked like he was sat over my lap. He'd put one leg either side of me and was now intensely staring towards my navel. I could sense his awkwardness. So I put all yaoi thoughts to the back of my mind n locked them away in the darkest corner I could find. I rested on one elbow and ruffled his hair with my right hand. "It's ok. Honest." He just kept looking down. His fluffy, a-cut fringe was shrouding his eyes. That level of darkness and evilness didn't suit him, so I put a finger underneath his chin, and lifted his head up. I could see his panic had turned to tears. I felt them roll onto my finger and drop onto my exposed stomach. They stung as they hit, they told me of his sadness and I leant over to hug him.

Nerves must have built up in my stomach whilst I was concentrating on Samuel. I hiccupped, and part of my brain went into survival action mode. I clasped on to him and fell backwards again. I briefly scanned my surroundings as I rolled us over. I placed one leg between his and leant backwards to check behind us. As my instincts were satisfied with the lack of danger, I looked back towards Samuel. His face was filled with fear and his hands were clenched onto my arms. My hunger returned as I realized how we were. To be honest it was the closest I’d ever been to a guy before. Fate's a cruel bitch for this. I'd probably installed enough fear in Samuel to get a restraining order. I was quickly being filled with panic.

"Oh god, I'm so sorry.... it’s just I'm so..." the words just kept coming and my brain was having trouble keeping up with them. “I'm soooo nervous. I've never had anyone over before and my instincts are going hey wire. I'm so jumpy; I thought I'd heard a camera or a gun or something. But it was just a hiccup and... Oh god."

Samuel reached out with his hands. One placed on my shoulder and the other was weaving its way through my hair. As the hand fell I felt it rub up against my face. This time Samuel giggled. "I'm really nervous too. Ha. I was panicking about it looking like I'd just pounced you or something. I was just so amazed by all the games. It’s like a gamer's Mecca in here. Don't worry about it. ... Wow you’re strong."

I could feel his hands on the top of my arms. I couldn't help but feel comforted, but at the same time, him stroking the mussels in my arms wasn't helping my urges. Especially, seeing as we hadn't moved from our, ever so compromising position. Our faces were only a few inches from each other’s at best. But even I wouldn't make this sort of move so fast. It's just not my style, fine food n gaming first, then chit chat and then maybe something extra and steamy later. I giggled at how distracted Samuel was by my arms. I sat up and offered him a hand to get up. He seemed shocked for a brief moment. I'm sure he was, but it was gone in a flash. I'm positive I wasn't seeing things.

"Urm... so ... I can defiantly tell you train a lot. Oh and this room, it looks amazing. Oh my god is that..." He spun round, "You have a four poster bed. Oh wow. Can I..."

"Go ahead. Try it out. It's really comfy." I struggled trying to not make that sound dirty. I went over to the bed and sat next to him.

"Oh wow, this is so awesome! I so wish I had one of these. The drapes and ... ahhh, the bedding is so comfy. I am soooo jealous!"

I couldn't stop myself from laughing. He looked so cute and funny. "I'm guessing you like my tastes."

"Hell yes! I wish I could live here."

"I'd totally let you. That sounds weird. It's just this is the most fun I've had in years."




After spending almost two hours making 'duvet angels', I needed a drink. I've never laughed so hard in my life. Although watching Samuel wiggle all over the top of my bed for two hours was 'interesting'.  My brain could now easily make enough yaoi porn to last almost a life time. I sat up from being beside Samuel. Yes I was lying next to him. Yes I probably need more pants. And yes; all you yaoi fan girls; yes it was fun, but sadly we didn't do anything.

Before the eye candy onslaught we had laid on the cushions on my bed and talked about family history, mostly mine. Samuel seemed very interested about my history, bloodline, and the "cool martial arts stuff". Then we had talked about all the games we used to play. It turns out that we have a few games in common. My taste in games mainly focuses around role playing games (the ones with elves not rope and cat ears, although apparently they're games too,) whereas Samuel mainly like war based games fuelled by more testosterone than the combined amount at a Dungeons and Dragons convention.


I gradually made my way to the end of the bed. Samuel had pinned me in towards the wall. I've read enough yaoi to be sure he was trying something. I walked over to my bedside table n gave the top a quick tap. The side opened and I had a quick rummage to see what drinks I had left. Samuel walked over n looked at the hidden fridge. "A hidden fridge too?"

"Yeah. See anything you like?" I spent some time checking what was in the fridge. "I have Pepsi, Lychee juice, ginger beer (both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic kinds,) and some sake. That’s rice wine but I’m not sure you'll like it"

"I'll play it safe and go for a Pepsi,” Samuel muttered blushing slightly. I reached in, grabbed two cans of Pepsi and passed one to him. As I stood up I pushed the fridge closed with my knee.

"So what do you want to do next? Want to play some games?"

"Yeah, why not?" I’m sure Samuel sounded disappointed with the idea.

I gestured to the walls, "take your pick."

"That may be hard. I have a feeling it’s going to take a while."


The End

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