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Level 5!


I woke feverish. Sweat had covered my entire body. I lay there, still as possible. The smell of warm miso soup hung in the air. Someone had been here since last night. A sense of urgency filled me and I bolted upright. Beside me on my bedside table was a bowl of plain miso soup. Just the way I like it. There was a small note beside the bowl. I recognised the handwriting on the outside of the note instantly. My mum had been here. My adopted mum that is. The note read: "My dear Masahiko. It sounded like you were having a terrible nightmare. We let you sleep in. Your and I sister have gone to do the shopping and your dad had to rush out to a meeting. He'll be back late. I made you some dinner before we left. Oh and Samuel called. He was wondering where you'd disappeared too. He left his number for you to ring back. Hope you get better soon."

It was things like this that made me actually feel like part of their family. My new mum was always very kind to me. She would visit me in my room during the morning to see if I was ok. If I was ill she'd spend the entire day making me miso soup, and then ice cream and blueberry pokey sundaes. She always knew how to cheer anyone up and she could make anyone feel better in a few minutes.

I looked down at the note. There was a phone number scrawled on the bottom of the paper. I picked up the house phone, which had been left in my room. Obviously mum wanted me to call him back. But all I could think about was that dream. It didn't scare me, what was bugging me was that a part of me liked it. (Well not the feverish lag parts.) I've never had the chance to think about what I like about men. I didn't even know if I liked Samuel. I had thought he looked cute on several occasions but I'd only thought that because everyone around him looked so ordinary. All his friends were plain and pretty simple looking. They didn't wear fancy clothes. Their hair wasn't as soft and fluffy as Samuel's. And they didn't have ... cute looking eyes. Only then at that moment did it dawn on me. What Uruha had been saying about all the times I'd rambled on about him. 

I did like him...

But what should I do. I could sit around all day and think about it. I could do something about it. But to be honest that last option has never worked for me. To prevent the worst possible outcome I decided to wait things out. At least with this method I could find out if he even liked me or at least men. That would be a starting point... I guess. But I won't let him get away.

The End

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