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“It’s been three days since we exchanged user-tags. Since then we’ve played over 50 hours of games together. It’s so cool.” I lent in towards the glowing light of my laptop. Feeling my headset slide a little, I pushed it back up, making my hair spike up even more. I could see Uruha’s hair bobbing up and down on screen as if he was rummaging for something. He appeared triumphantly with his tuning key. I knew he would have been listening to me ramble about my new friend. But I still felt something sink in my stomach as if I had been ignored. Uruha pulled up his purple, bass guitar on to his lap and pushed back his laptop screen. “It’s good to hear you’ve finally found a friend over there.”  He grinned. Uruha always seems to look evil, whether he smiles, hates you or hugs you. In the western world I guess the best word to describe him would be a sadist. But that doesn’t mean he’s cruel, evil and neglected. Many people misjudge him for these things. You have to really get to know him before you can understand. But trust me, he’s more warm and cuddly, and less punch you in the face. 

“So other than being completely madly in love with this new friend of yours; what else is new?”

I stumbled for words, feeling completely clueless about how to react to this. “I never said I was in love with him,” I stuttered hopelessly. 

“Yet you talk about him constantly. You tell me of your adventures together on loads of games; and all the time you have this little sparkle in your eyes. You like him, don’t you?”

I slouched on to my mattress and tried to focus. I wasn’t sure where Uruha was getting this. Sure I talk about Samuel a lot; and I definitely spend a lot of time talking to him and playing online with him. So am I crazy about him? I don’t feel any different. I turned back to the monitor. I could see Uruha had given up on tuning his bass. He had leant forward during my contemplation, and I could now see his expressions clearly. He had that look on his face. The one he always has when he knows he’s right. He leant in as if to whisper, and placed one shiny black nail to his lips. “It’s ok you know. Well if you do like him that is. But if you do or you don’t, you’ll never hear me complaining. I won’t tell anyone about your secret.” He stared at me directly. We were thousands of miles away, talking through computers, and yet he still managed to look straight into the pits of my soul. “Well if you keep my secret that is.” 

“Oh? Is that how it is?” I smiled. And he laughed. “So what’s the big secret? Hey Uruha, you haven’t kidnapped Usa again have you?” I fake tutted, expecting to see him laugh. Instead he nodded.

“See.” He looked over his shoulder. 

“What! But I was joking! Uruha you haven’t seriously kidnapped Usa?” A small faint giggling sound erupted from somewhere in the distance. Usa’s beaming face appeared at the side of Uruha.

“See Masahiko, I’ve been captured!” Usa began wiggling his wrists in front of the camera. I could just about here Uruha over the gangling, “where did you get the handcuffs from?”

The jangling wrists were yanked backwards, away from the camera. “Sorry about that Masahiko. Usa went a little overboard in the cosplay department.” 

“When doesn’t he? But seriously what’s with kidnapping him. Somehow I wouldn’t put it passed you. Plus I know you’re not entirely innocent when it’s about wanting to tie him up.”

“He’s staying over. And not so loud! I haven’t told him about that yet. It’s supposed to be a surprise.” He laughed and began helping Usa out of the handcuffs. “So what really is the secret?”

Uruha re-appeared with a smile on his face. “Ok for future reference; Usa wriggles a lot.” “Urm...Usa could you get me a drink while I just say bye to Masahiko?”

“Sure Uruha. Bye Masahiko, it’s been nice seeing you again!” And with that I heard a small clatter of a door shutting.

“Anyway, back on topic. My secret.....” Uruha looked over his shoulder just to make sure everything was safe. “I’m going to ask Usa out. And well...I find him cute. You would too if you were me. Honestly, he’s cute, and looks awesome in a pair of cuffs. But I have to go before he comes back. Is it ok if I say you had to tell me something in private?”

“Sure. It’s fine by me. Plus good luck. You’d make a good couple.” 

Uruha smiled one last time as he switched off the camera. As silence gathered in my room, I was left to contemplate on my own feelings. So much had happened in the few hours that had passed. As I rolled over my hand met with my Xbox controller. Right now was not the time to start my usual late night gaming spree. I couldn’t help wondering whether Samuel was waiting for me online. I had to think before I could go online and play again. 

The End

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