The Diary of Masahiko YoichiMature

This is a story that I've been working toward for a very long time. Warning: will contain adult content. It's a personal and exploritory story. It's also a test as I've never wrote in this category before.

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And so begins another day. All my days start like this. Wake up, roll over, and sign in. Wake up, roll over, and sign in. Wake up, roll over, and sign in. Day after day, the only thing that changes is the song I wake up too. As you may guess there’s not much to my life. I’m lonely and have no social life. I miraculously turn up to a college 3 days a week for all my lessons. That’s not because I’m the stereotypical ‘geeky’ character with the big glasses, spots and no hope at getting a girlfriend. (Trust me if I wanted one I could. I have more fan girls than there are lice at a primary school.) Actually I’m far from that image. I couldn’t be farther. No that doesn’t make me the ‘jock’ type! Erase that thought before it even spawns! It’s just I don’t feel like I fit in. I’m trapped in a place far from home and I won’t conform to an English clique. I’m Visual Kei at heart and I will not change however long I’m kept here. You see both of my parents died, my mother when I was young and my father died 4 years ago. My only other living family member was my grandfather. He was almost 80 when my father died. So the English government declared I was an orphan as my next of kin was too old and I had lived in England long enough to be classed as an English citizen. So to cut a long story short I was adopted into an English family and my surname was changed. Yet I still don’t feel like I belong here.

My name is Masahiko Yoichi. I had my last name reverted 2 years ago from Hull. My name never had the same ring to it. ‘Masahiko Hull’ to me it sounds wrong like I was robbed of my heritage. I have two adopted parents; Lucy and Lysander Hull. They’re a nice couple. Lysander is a hardworking man, like my late father Takumi Yoichi. Lucy is an artist, a free spirit, likes yoga, meditation and incense. I’m puzzled by them though, they’re so nice together but they’re so different. I have a sister who was also adopted called Emilie Hull. Our ‘family’ unit works well and is very accepting. It’s such a different world compared to my homeland. I have trouble remembering I’m on the same planet sometimes. Ok that’s enough of an introduction for now. Oh wait I forgot, this is very important to remember, my sister Emilie likes yaoi. You’ll see why that’s important later on, but it’s the key to understanding why Emilie and I get along well.

For those of you who don’t understand a lot of Japanese my name means just prince (Masahiko) and seductive/bewitching (Yoichi) hence the nickname ‘the dark prince’. (It’s something my fans referred to me as, and my best friend made it my nickname.) I come from a family devoted to martial arts, if you trace my family line back, you will discover that I’m descended from Samurai blood. This gives me an aristocratic position in my home land, but here people find it strange, especially when I explain that my family have carried this tradition with them and enforced martial arts on their children for centuries. I currently have four black belt rankings in different disciplines and specialise in 3 weapon types. I currently have in my possession both my mother’s and my family’s katana. When I turn 21 I’m supposed to be presented with my own. But these are just for show and we are commanded never to use them. I first started training properly when I was 4 but my grandfather tried to enforce it on me before I could walk. My family is revered across Japan and my grandfather is the best sensei in Osaka. But the longer I have spent in England the longer I have become to realise that such violence, disciplines and training are not the most important part of my life. Over the 7 years that I have been independently looking after myself I have realised that I cannot rely on these things in this country. (My faher started going mad 3 years before my mother died, so I started supporting myself.)

I look very different than the normal English teenager. I have shoulder length black and blue hair, often styled into side spikes. I’m 6 foot and wear flat chunky platform boots with lots of buckles and chains. My favourite pair of pants are made of just buckled straps on mesh but I usually wear slightly baggy black jeans with two criss-crossing belts. The top half of my ensemble usually consists of a mesh vest that’s been slashed then re stitched under a battered printed band t-shirt (or leather if I’m in that mood) with sleeves that start at my elbow and end at my wrist that are connected to the vest by black straps. And I usually have my nails painted a dark blue that looks like black in some light. These match my black and royal blue mismatched contact lenses. (But don’t worry my look has been ‘tamed’ quite a bit since I left Japan.) I also have quite a few piercings that I seem to have collected over the years, three are in my right ear, and I have my right nipple pierced too. I used to have my lip pierced but I gave up on that one, years ago. Now I just have a fake lip ring for cosplay. Something else I have to mention before we go any further, I cosplay. This means my addiction to anime and manga is in a very advanced stage to the point where some may call me an otaku. So there’s no hope, I will never be ‘normal’.

So far I have no friends here in England. My two best friends are living the Visual Kei and otaku high lives back in Japan. Firstly there’s Uruha, same height as me but wears bigger platforms. He has bright red layered hair that is often spiked on top with two long bits pulled over his shoulders, and usually wears black and white contacts and likes to cosplay as Die from Dir en Grey. He’s my childhood friend and closest ally. (We even got our nipples pierced at the same time! It was the only sane place left to pierce.)

So it’s fair to say I stick out immensely in English society. It maybe multi-cultural, but it thinks twice when it sees me. Thankfully I seem to blend into the Goth scene. I think my retro looking, over the ear head phones with 2cm spikes attached to the headband help. I’m just taking a guess though, because I know its not my ‘amazing’ personality.   To the general public here though, it makes no difference. Everyone seems to lack the ability to tell what’s Emo, Goth, or Mosher any more. (To me that’s like going to Tokyo and mistaking Gothic Lolita for Fairy Kei.) The people in these ‘alternative scenes’, seem to like me but you don’t see a lot of them anymore, unless you’re on the internet. So maybe the best bits of this society have been copied and pasted on to the internet and left there. 


The End

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