The diary of Layla Watson

my name is layla. I live on a isolated farm withj my mom and dad and before my brother but he moved out to go to university :(



What are they really?  Some big stupid animal you can sit on and ride around and hit with a whip to look cool in front of your friends? Wrongo!

To me horses are much more then that they have been on this earth since the beginning of time practicly.   To me they are my friends. Family.  Someone to talk to who wont judge me and will see me for who I am.  Living on this ranch is getting on my LAST nerve.   Ever since Erik (my brother) moved away life has been so boring and repetive.  I mean like eh wa the one who aleays made me take risks and have fun.  But now nothing.  We got a new horse today her name is Twilight.  She is all black and has the blackest eyes i have ever scene.  She was abused too.  They had spikes on the jumps and used electric sticks and everything.  I feel so bad for her.  She gets really scared and freacked around people and objects.  Fortunatly i was able to feed her a few carrots before my mom came out and she got spooked.  I have to go now though me, mom, and dad are going for a midnight horse ride.

I will talk to you tomorrow,



The End

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