August, Tuesday 4thMature

    School starts to day. Yay1

 "School. A prison for students for 8 am to 3 pm. Teachers like the wardens. Principles are the Head Master. I.S.S is like your very own cell. People forming cliques. A. K. A Gangs. Preps are the people that think they are so cool because no one messes with them. The nerds are the ones that look down and whisper when they talk. Me. waiting for someone to piss me off so I can punch them in the face. "

                                           High School    

                            Teens walkin through the halls

                              People yelling and pushing

                               Teens fighting and laughing

                      Me wishing it was all over faster than this

       Standing at the door feeling like Im on the out side looking in

                               Feelining like I want to scream

                              Wishing someone could hear me                           

              But wishing no one could see me at the same time

The End

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