Thursday, July 30thMature

     "When parents say, 'Speak your mind.' Don't.  Not if you want to        walk into a death trap."

  Me and my mom went clothes shopping (well she sat in a chair painting her nails while I picked out clothes and paid with MY money). While she was in the bathroom I went add orange highlites into my hair.  She didn't notice. Not like I expected her to anyways. She wouldn't notice if I got my whole body tattooed. I thought about getting a tattoo once. I want either a black, red, and blue dragon around my left arm or a orange cosmos flower wrapped around my left arm and have the flower part on my shoulder. But, anyways when I checked out my mom asked where I got the money. I told her I saved it. She didnt beleive me because she thinks I stole it from her. She thinks all her money disappears because someone steals it. But all her money really goes to cigarettes and pot. Thats one reason why I dont really want to get into that kinda stuff, it messes with your mind.  Makes you paranoid and sometimes people star thinking everyone is out to get them.  That's how my mom is. She thinks everyone is plotting evil things against her. Anyways I got 5 pairs of pants, 4 paors of shorts, 10 t-shirts, 3 hoodies, 2 pairs of skate shoes, 2 bandanas, 2 flat billed hats, and 1 pair of black combat boot.  Oh, and 5 pairs of striped different colors knee high socks.  My mom doesnt like any of think. She'd rather if I was like Kaylynn or one the Monkeys. Sometimes I wish my dad was still here. He died 1 yr ago and I went AWOL. My mom never cared about me so she didn't stop me. My sister and friends and aunts said I shoulda gone to the therapist or a pshcologist. Psht! I wouldn' have told them anything. And they wouldnt have told me anything I hadn't already known. Like "Oh! You're jusr depressed since your dad died.And thats why you're acting out!" No dip asshole!

                                       Torn Apart  

                               Im torn, torn apart

                         Torn between two hearts

                   1 wants me one, ones doesnt

                            Belonging to neither

                        Not really wanting either

                 Wishing Tto stop, Take a breath

                 Wishing I wasnt wishing for death

                               Im torn between

                                   Two X-Tremes

                                Torn, Torn Apart


The End

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