Friday, July 25thMature

        "Free speech/ An illision. You speak your mind and your are             punished."

            School! A prison in desuige. It starts in a week. I start my first year in High School this year. Okay, How smart can you be putting hundereds of teens in the same building with eachother. Then they (teachers and pirincipals) get all pissy when there's a fight between two teens. Like how shocking is this!? What can you expect? I kinda, sorta look forward to school because I get to see my friends. But........ I'll be the target of Kaylynn Crown and her monkeys. The Monkeys'  names are: jaelynn Row, Lily Freeman, and Lily Coles.  They all laugh at the snap of Kaylynn's fingers and does whatever she wants like they have no brain of their own.  The Monkeys dress the same so that Kaylynn can be the center of attention with her name brand and designer clothes.  Here's a 'incendent' that happened in 8th grad that will show you how evil and twisted they are. And its all over a boy.....................

                The Evil Kaylynn and The Monkeys

     I was walking from 5th hour class to go to my lockers and Kaylynn and The Monkeys showed up.  They pushed me into my locker and The Monkeys held me against them. They parted like the Red Sea and Kaylynn walked up to me. She had a smile on her face like she thought this would be easy.  She put her perfectly manicured finger on my chest and said, "Leave Cameron alone."  When she said this my heart slowed and I started laughing so hard it hurt.  "You think He likes You? Really?"  I said this between laughing and trying to breath again. For this she slapped in in the face... hard.  My hands balled up into fists and I squeezed to stop from slapping her in the face.  She laughed and said,"Shut up you little witch." While she said this she spit in my face. And being the person I am, I said, "SAY it. Dont SPRAY it."  And just to enfisize spray I spit back at her. I laughed. I thought it was funny. The Monkeys didn't though. They pushed me back up against the lockers. My head hit the lockers. Hard. They thought THIS was funny. I pushed Lily and Jaelynn to the floor and slammed Laycee to the wall. I turned and smacked Kaylynn in the face. I grabbed her by her shirt and slammed her into the lockers. "Ha. Ha." I said and pushed her to the floor. They all stood up and stared at me in disbelief as I walked away. "Cameron. He doesn't want anything to do with you Kaylynn. He would rather swallow broken glass." I said as I turned th ecorner.

         Now don't get me wrong. I didn't want to do all that but I just didnt have the restaint or patients for them. Yes, I did get introuble for it.  3 days of O.S.S. I didn't care. Not at all. Less time with them. More time with Cameron. He's homeschooled so he gets to go to town for lunch or come over to my house.  We watch movies and play video games. Well I gotta go school clothes shopping with my mom. Not very fun thing to do

                                     My Mom

                               Moms, Moms

                          So tender, so true

           Always saying I cant live without you

                  But my mom, oh my mom

                              Is hard and cold

                        Getting meaner and meaner

                               As she grows old

                              Yells and Cries

                     Always looking to the sky

             Looks at me like she wishes I'd just die

                               Oh, moms, moms

             Never ever cross or threatin to use force

                        Well, except for mine of course



The End

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