The Diary of Allysia ReeseMature

      Wensday, July 22nd

                When people say Art you think of paintings, Drawings. Not necessarily writing. But writing is art. It can paint a picture in your mind as good, if not better, in your mind. Just like a pencil or a paintbrush. And when I said this to my friend, Carli Johnson, she said that I should keep a journal. To write down what I feel that day or week. So since I had never kept a journal before I asked her what do I do.   "You write the date at the top of the page then your just write what you feel. Your hopes, dreams. anything you want." She said. So here I am. My name is Allysia Reese. Im 14 and some people think I have issues. Some call it being Rebellious. Here's why. My hair is in multi layers so it sticks out in all differeint directions. I dyed it deep brown and streaked it with blue, red, lime green, and purple. I wear baggy jeans and shorts. Hoodies that are 2 sizes to big and skateshoes. Bandanas. Mostly red and bright green. I have shirts I've cut circles outta the sides and weaved red and bright green bandanas through them and sewed  them together. Done the same thing with pants too.  I hang out with 5 guys and 2 other girls. One is Carli and the other is Lucy. Lucy has white-blonde hair and has 1 red and 1 green streak on the left side. Carli has black hair and has green and red streaks. The guys I hang out with are: Lyle, Jake, Paul, CeeJay, and Cameron. Jake and Lyle are brothers. Lyle is 15 and Jake is 14. Paul is 14. CeeJay is 15. And Cameron is 16. I think Cameron likes me. When one of the guys teases me meanly or he thinks they went to far he defends me. He's also nicer to me than he is to Carli or Lucy. But he might be afraid of me too. I kinda have that effect on people. I've been friends with Cameron since i was 6yrs old. Ive been friends with Carli and Lucy back to 2nd Grade and we've been friends since. Now for the rest of the guys we've been friends for 4yrs.


                        Cameron, Oh Cameron

                       With Bright Green Eyes      

          With a smile so bright it lights up the sky

                     Cameron, Sweet Cameron

                            Never say Bye

            Just saty and sing me a Lullabye

The End

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