The diary of Alice - 12/1/11

Dear Diary,

Today in the moring I had to go to the Royal Collage of Music and had to do a test to try and pass my Grade 4 violin exams. I was so tence when I when into the room and did it. Also at school our teacher was talking about futures and how we knew what direction to go in and so finally i have reached to a concluion - my life is like a house. You enter the front door then climb up the stairs; and the whole thing from the top to the bottom is my life last step - 0 years  old; top step - 18 years old, it shows hoe my whole entire life got harder and harder but eventually I got to the top! Now at the top I can chooses many paths that will dictate my future and the rest of mmy life too. The door will represent the paths - so there are three doors. Door 1: A life of total and only soializing; Door 2: A life in which I concentrate and carry on to work harder forever; or the last door; Door 3: The door to fame (I have the sinding talent and voice - why not?) This path will mean climbing up higer, doing what I like doing and lastly when I get to the top I wouldn't have to work anymore! Now foor me that's what I call a hard desision - oh well I think I will just sleep on it for now ....

xxx Goodnight Diary xxx

The End

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