The diary of Alice - 11/1/11

This is about a diary of an orphan, for the first week or two her life is all fine and normal until she runs away from home in a desparate attempt to keep both her parents alive...But how could she possibly have knonw what the future held? Join her as she writes her diary entrys explaining what she felt like during the events. PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT LET THIS STORY INFLUENCE YOU IF YOU ARE IN THIS SITUATION; this is sbout a fictional Character in a fictional World....Things are MUCH different in the

Dear diary,

My name is Alice Bell and I am an 18 year old  girl. I am 5.5 feet tall and have dark skin and dark hair too; I also have brown eyes. This is my first diary!! I didn't keep a diary before because of two thing mainly - my life was boring and I just didn't have the time! Well anyway, today was a good day because I acctually tried to interact with my number one crush! <3 ! His name is Josh - he is amazing! Today over facebook I tried to have a conversation with him about how we shough get to know each other better. Beacuse the thing is that despite being in the same year and school we still don't know much about each other - that's another thing about me - I am shy. So we are in the same year and school, but each year is split up into different classes and houses like the orange house, red house, green house, pink house ect. I am in the green houuse but unfortunately Josh is in a different house, the orange house. Josh is sooo cute! He is funny too :D He has dirty blonge hair and is about six feet tall, he has brown eyes too. But anyway back to the plot... So anyway, I was on Facebook and he was on Facebook too so I started to talk to him (Not: He doesn't know that I fancy him and only my best frien Cassie knows). My heart was pounding - if this was what I was like when i didn't even see him imagine what I would be like face to face - I would crumble to pieces! So I asksed if we should get to know each other a bit, but instead (of him saying yes) he said that he had no time and wasn't in the mood, so I stopped. Meanwhile at school I had manage to loose a friend (Lulu) - don't even know how though. So when I told Cassie what had happened unfortunately lulu heard too. So in a spiteful act Lulu started to spread a rumor that I was going out with NOT Josh, but Alex - who is NOT  cute or nice at all! But oh well it should soon fade away. I hope that tomorrow she dosen't start another rummor...

xxx Goodnight Diary xxx

The End

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