Friday, July 17

There was a storm at our house today! The wind starting blowing really early in the morning, and it woke me up, so I was in a bad mood to begin with. After everyone else's moody and pathetic texts yesterday, my phone was now far-from-comfortably snuggled under my wardrobe in the corner.

Anyways, back to the storm. We turned on the tv at about nearly 1 in the morning [translation - 6:45 am], and the weather man said there would be a drizzle over where we lived, but the main storm would be further south. Well, I thought, if this was what it was like when it was drizzling, I can't imagine how bad the real storm must be! Mum says not to trust the weatherman anyways.

So all day none of us could go out because it was pooring it down, and we could hear thunder too. Simpsons was just beginning to start when there was a massive blindingly flash, and all the lights and the tv turned off. I was listening to the kitchen radio when I was making myself a sandwhich at the time, and it made me jump.

So then the power was off for a realllllllllly reeaalllyyyy long time [about 4 and a half hours], and we missed the Simpsons. I ran upstairs and grabbed my phone from near all the old sweets and scrunched up paper under my wardrobe. I decided to text absolutely everyone this time. Libby and Margie said it was sunny where they were, and Lucy said to stop being such a wimp.

I went downstairs to get some cereal, my phone extra-violently replaced under my furniture. I couldn't rely on my so-called friends, so I would have to stick this one out on my own.

Eventually, the storm didn't die down. It's still going now. I think the house is goint to collapse soon. It wasn't built for things like this. I hope it stops soon, 'cause its so darn late and i'm unibileevably tired. See? It's affcting my spelling too. [Note: It's about half-past 8]

The End

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