Thursday, July 16

Mr Bejeezus is still ''holding his own'' whatever that means.  Mum won't let me play my drum kit while he's in the animal hospital as it would be disrespectful - I mean, he's just a dumb old cat, and it's not even as if he can even HEAR it from there.  I think it was just an excuse -  she just doesn't appreciate my precussionary  percussive  percustic drumming talent.   I suppose when we bring him home (or IF we bring him home) I won't be allowed to play it then either, because it will upset his recovery or whatever.

I texted Libby just now to see if she wanted to come round.  She texted back to say no she was grounded because she'd stayed out late without permission last night.  I wouldn't mind but she hadn't even asked me to go too.  Then I texted Lucy,and she didn't even reply.  Then I texted Margie and then remembered she was still away with Sophie Smith.  Then I got a text back from Margie to say that she was away with Sophie Smith and please don't text her again.

I have no friends, no boyfriend, a sick cat which I'm probably being blamed for, and I can't even play my drums.  Everything sucks.

The worst thing is we had liver and bacon for dinner.  I hate liver and bacon!

The End

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