Wednesday, July 15

Dear Diary,

Today it rained a little, so I thought I could make some buns to pass the time. I thought they might taste nice with strawberries on top, so I looked in the fridge.

Surprise surprise, no strawberries. I looked around for something else, but there was no fruit at all. So I decided carrot would have to do. I'd never tried carrot-buns before. I cut the carrot into little slices, about 2 for each bun. Then I put the knife down on the counter and went to wash the icky carrot germs off my hands.

Apparently I knocked the knife and if fell off, stabbing the outside of my slippers, but missing my foot. Mum calls it my 'casul casual brush with death'. I have no idea why. My mum can be a little strange sometimes.

Anyway, as my buns were cooking, I decided to go riding my bike up and down the street. After I had got on and done about 3 laps, I turned down a side-street. As soon as I turned the corner, my bike sort of jumped over something on the ground. I fell off, but I wasn't hurt or anything.

When I looked back, Mr. Bejeezus was lying daized in the middle of the path, making very funny breathing sounds. I admit I thought he was dead at first, and I started crying, but once I listened I could tell he was still alive. So I rushed home, still crying, and gave him to my mum, who was as shocked as a potato in a computer.

We took him to the...stupid animal doctor who's name is very long and stupid. He said he would fix him but it would take quite a bit of time because cat parts are hard to get hold of these days.

So now, I'm sitting at home, very tired, eating carrot buns.

Carrot buns are DISGUSTING.

The End

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