Tuesday, July 15th


Did I tell you I had a cat?  Mr. Beezles is NINE years old and I named him.  The neighbours across the road just got a brand new kitten and she is so cute.  We played all afternoon and had treats.  I told Mum I wanted a kitten and she said I already had a cat that I never look at.

That's so stupid!  All Mr. Bejeezus does is sleep anyhow. 

What's more furious is when I called the vetir,vaturana, stupid animal doctor, they said it's cost $200 to perform the operation and when they asked me what was wrong with Mr. Bejeezus and I told them I wanted a kitten and couldn't keep them both so maybe they could put him to sleep , they hung up on me! 

Anyhow, Mr. Bejeezus came up to me as soon as I was off the phone and fell asleep on my stomach and started purring and I just got this really wierd feeling.  It's very uncomfortable.  So, we're going to have some more treats later!

The End

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