Monday July 14th

Well, I said I didn't care.  But what did I actually do?  I cried, didn't I?  Couldn't help it.  I could just feel it happening; you know how it is.  Before I knew it, I started letting out these great sobbing cries. 

Let me tell you, crying sucks.  It makes your nose all stuffed up so you can't breath through it and then you have to breath through your mouth, which makes you sound like a giant gorilla.  And it makes your eyes all sore and puffy and red; not very attractive.  I mean, imagine if Jake had walked right into my third floor bathroom at that instant!  He'd never want to look at me again.

Anyway, Mum felt really bad for me.  She was really nice about the whole thing, trying to make me feel better.  She asked me if there was anything she could do.  I told her that there were only two things in the world that would make me feel any better.  One of them was a truck load of chocolate (apparently, out of the question...?).

So we're going out tomorrow to get the drum kit.  Can't wait!!

Now I have to go to the store to stock up on candy and whatnot since I've given back Margie's stupid pig.  I should've kept the stash.

The End

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