Sunday, July 13th

Well, how do you like that!   I went to Margie's house and she's gone away.  With Sophie Smith of all people!   But we HATE Sophie Smith.  She was like,  totally mean to me and Margie and Libby and Lucy at school ALL the time, looking down her nose at all of us because her parents are loaded, but Margie's mum told me that Sophie Smith and Margie have been going to each other's houses all the time and she said that Sophie Smith's parents have a timeshare apartment in Florida and VERY KINDLY invited Margie to go along as company for Sophie Smith!  Well I'm not surprised because Sophie Smith is such a stuck up loser that she like has to PAY people to be her friends and Margie just fell for it, so she's a loser too.  Urggghhh.

Oh and Margie's mum said  ''Thank you so much for bringing Perky back.  It's a pity you took him without asking.'' and totally snatched him out of my hands and also told me that Margie was HEARTBROKEN at not being able to take him with her when she went away with Sophie Smith.  Well, tough!

I hate Sophie Smith!!!  And I hate Margie too for abandoning me.  She was supposed to be my best friend, too.  Some friend.

I'm never going to talk to her again for doing that to me.  She and Sophie Smith deserve each other.

Mark and mum had been baking gingerbread when I came home from Margie's house but I was so mad that I just stormed up here.  When I went back down just now Mark and mum and dad had eaten it all.  It's all Sophie Smith's fault.   Well, I don't care anyway. 

The End

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