Saturday 12 July

So, the punishment wasn't so bad.  I got a dirty long lecture about respecting other people's things and how I should always ask if I can borrow something instead of just taking it. 
.....that made me start to feel a little bad about taking Margie's stuffed pig.  I know she's been just wretched without it this last week. I think I'll go and give it back to her.  Maybe we can be friends again too.  I mean, we have been friends since we were six; it would be a shame to ruin a good streak like that.

On the love front, things are totally lame.  I haven't seen Jake since the Dr. Who night and I have no idea when I'll see him again.  This love thing is a bit harder than I expected.  I'm trying to concoct a plan as we speak.  So far, it involves Knight's dog leash and a pay phone; more details later.

I'm off to see Margie!  Maybe she can help with the Jake-Plan.  Oh, and hopefully she has something to eat at her house; I'm staaaarved.

The End

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