Saturday, July 12th

Got up really early today. So early I was up before any of the rest of the family. I decided i couldn't be bothered speaking to any of them so i set off to school.

For some reason it was dead quiet when i arrived at school, i must've read my clock wrong, i thought it was the right time. Oh well, I'll just sit and wait....

This is getting silly... where is everyone...

Oh Balls!! Balls, Balls, Balls, Balls, Balls. It's a flippin saturday. Crappin' ell. Right, best get back home and back into bed before anyone's up. They'll not let me forget this in a hurry.

Oh hell, it's Jake and Seb. Hide, quickly... no, they've seen me, act normal, you can blag this...

'Hey Jake, hey Seb' I said, acting ridiculously blase.

 'Hey' They replied,

'You been into school?' Seb asked

'No, just been to the shop, why?'

'You've got your school uniform on'


Now 'erm' was probably not the best reply I could have presented at this point but i had been caught out big time and was right in the middle of going redder than anyone ahs ever been. Ever. So erm was as good as it was ever gonna get.

I ran home, walked into the house, walked through howls of laughter from my parents to the kitchen and opened the fridge. This sort of situation required one thing. I opened a tub of Ben and Jerry's, even though it was 9.30am. 

The End

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