Friday, July 11th

I decided to come clean - unlike the pashmina.  Yep, that's right.  After all that, the stains were still mostly there.  I toyed with the idea of putting it near Knight's food bowl and pretending he'd got hold of it, but I didn't think I'd be able to disguise the burn holes as dog-teeth holes.  Anyway, that wouldn't have been fair on Knight, and I would have felt like a total lowlife when he turned his sad eyes on me after the telling-off by Mum, and probably Dad, too. 

Soooo...  I went to Mum after dinner, pashmina in hand, tears in eyes, heart in throat, and showed her the ruined thing.

You'll never guess what...  She was fine.  Well - not fine exactly, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected.  She looked more sad than angry.  I guess I must have looked really worried and scared (which I was) and she took pity on me.  I even got a cuddle.  When I told her the saga of the washing and drying and ironing and the mending attempts, she even laughed a little bit (though she was trying to keep her face grumpy and stern)  I left the bit out about the possible blaming of Knight, though. 

I now have to wait for Dad to get home so they can gang up on me discuss my punishment.  I hope it's not grounding again.   They can stop my allowance for a few years months weeks.  Maybe I could offer to go without treats like ice cream or cookies or cake instead.    Or not...

The End

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