Wednesday, July 9th

Uh-oh!  I am soooo grounded again!! 

Well, I'm not yet but I will be when Mum discovers that her best Jake-eye-blue cashmere ''this was an anniversary present from your father and cost him the earth'' pashmina is now covered in meat-lover's pizza stains, as well as a few bits of Rocky Road ice cream.    It didn't help when Seb grabbed the end and wiped his mouth with it either.

I'm hiding it in Margie's pig for now, but the time will come when Mum's gonna be searching high and low for it, and knowing her, with her radar for finding things I've done wrong, she'll find it.

As far as I can see, I have four options:

a) Keep it hidden and hope she stops looking

b) Try and wash it

c) Own up

d) Leave the country

I don't think a) and c) are a good idea as they're bound to end up in a grounding for me.  d) is a bit drastic, and I'll miss out on getting to be with Jake, so it'll have to be b)

I'll just nip down to the convenience store and see if I can find some cashmere-washing stuff - she's out all day tomorrow so I can do it then.  Better pick up some more chocolate while I'm there.

The End

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