Tuesday, July 8th

IT WAS SO AWESOME!  Jake's house last night was amaaazing!  We were all there, watching Doctor Who and eating meat-lover's pizza (yummy!).  We managed to watch three episodes before Joe and Libby both got a call from their parents saying they had to come home, and that Joe should bring Lucy home.  So they left....and....it was just me and Jake and Seb!  OMG! 

I swear, it was the most amazing thing EVER.  Jake sat on one side of the couch, Seb was on the other and I was right inbetween!  Mum would've killed me if she knew I was all alone with two older boys but they were the perfect gentlemen.

I've decided I'll fancy Jake now, instead of Seb.  He's fifteen, which is the perfect age if we ever became b/f, g/f.  See, I'll be thirteen in two months and six days so he's just old enough that it's really cool when all my friends ask how old he is, but not old enough that it would be an old-man creepy situation.

Anyway, when we were sitting there, both me and Jake reached for the popcorn at the SAME time and our hands totally touched.  They TOUCHED!  Like, his skin and my skin were together.  It was the most romantic moment I've ever experienced.  I'm pretty sure he felt it too, but he was just really caught up in the episode we were watching.  It was the one where Rose and--wait, that's not the point.  The point is, me and Jake are going to be together. 

I just need to figure out how to see him again.

....I have a mission.

....Missions make me hungry.

The End

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