Monday, July 7th

Wow!  Like...Wow!!!   Well we went to the fair last night and Joe was there and Seb and. ..another guy who is even HOTTER than Seb, who in any case, seemed to prefer Joe's company to mine.... hmmm.

This other hottie is called Jake and he has blond spiky hair and the bluest of blue eyes you ever saw.  They're as blue as... well my mum's best cashmere pashmina but you've never seen that so you'll have to take my word for it that it's a WELL nice shade of blue.    I'm thinking of borrowing it next time I see Jake.  But don't tell MUM!

YES I forgot to say, I'm going round to his house tonight with Lucy and Joe and Seb and Libby because he's rented a load of Doctor Who DVDs and is going to have a Doctor-fest type night.

Now, where does she keep that shawl?

By the way,  we're going to order in pizza and ice cream tonight so I need to beg Dad for some cash so I can chip in.

I can't wait!

The End

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