Sunday July 6th

Finally!! The last day of this hellish torture.  When I went downstairs for lunch today, I made sure to bug mum incessantly until she finally caved and decided to lift my grounded status a bit early.  Now I can go to the fair that's in town tonight!!

Since me and Margie still aren't speaking, I'm going with Libby and Lucy.  (I've forgiven Lucy for telling Joe that I fancied him...but I'm still calling her Tattle-Dragon all night.) 

Maybe Lucy'll tell Joe where she's going and he'll want to come and he'll invite his hot mate, Seb!  Oh, that would be divine.  Me and Seb could go on all the two-seater rides and it would be so romantic! 

I better remember not to eat anything before I go so I won't throw up on him.  Well, maybe I'll have just a little something.

The End

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