Saturday, July 5th

Nothing to do today.  I'm basically having to read books!  Libby came by with more stuff earlier and saw me reading ''Little Women''  which is not about some dwarves, but basically about these four sisters who lived a long time ago, like in mediaeval times or something and one of them dies and one is a tomboy and one is very sensible and one is basically a spoiled brat.  I'm not enjoying it.  But that's all there is.

Anyway I'd just got to the bit where the ill one, Beth, died and Libby looked in through the window.  I was NOT crying, whatever she says.

I hope Libby doesn't tell anyone she saw me reading, like, outside school - the next thing would be everyone calling me a nerd.  Or is it a geek?  I dunno.

Oh - bonus!  I found out that Margie's stuffed pig is a pyjama case, and it's stuffed with... chocolate bars.  Just about to have another Snickers.  Or two.

The End

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