Friday, July 4th

So I'm grounded.  Ughgghghg.  I went and apologised to Margie this morning like I was forced to.  She just stood there all smiley and smug.  I know she was thinking something stupid like, just try to make me your slave again...go ahead, just TRY!  Stupid Margie.  Anyway, I stole her favourite stuffed pig on my way out; the one that she sleeps with every night. I was very sneaky about it...just stuffed it up under my shirt, and no one even noticed.  That should smarten her up a bit.

Now I'm just sitting in my room.  Mum took my TV away.  And my stereo. Along with my ipod, my game boy, my laptop computer, my cell phone (three days without texting!?!  Where's the HUMANITY?!), and my regular phone.  Soooo, basically I'm living like a cavewoman.

At least Libby came to my rescue when I walkie-talkied her; she climbed up into the tree outside my window and left an assortment of snacks for me.  Libby is my new best friend.

The End

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