Thursday, July 3rd

Oh no!  Like, DISASTER!!!!    Margie's mum called mine this morning and the next thing I know I'm standing in front of her and dad and having to say ''Yes I do realise that blackmail is not a good thing'' and ''Yes I do know that slavery is illegal in this and most other countries in the civilised world.'' and ''Yes I will apologise to Margie tomorrow.'' and ''Can I have some toast now?''

Well I didn't have to say that last one and I wish I hadn't because mum and dad said it meant I wasn't taking the whole thing seriously.  And didn't I realise that poor Margie had spent last night in tears and was now on the verge of a breakdown?  (I don't believe that for a millisecond) 

So now I a) have to go round and apologise to Miss Margie Snitch first thing in the morning AND b) I'm grounded until Sunday which will give me a chance to consider how lucky I am to have friends and live in a ''FREE COUNTRY''.   Hello?  Have they not noticed what day tomorrow is???

Found a Snickers in my underwear drawer tonight and I'm comfort-eating it .

The End

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