Wednesday, July 2nd

 just had the biggest deja vu.  like I just wrote this.

Anyhow, Margie came over today to talk about my fantasy club.  Her mum and her went shopping and her mum bought her a sticker book full of princesses and knights and unicorns.  She had a notebook full of ideas like meeting every week so we coukld talk about what we dreamed of and husbands and love and our futures.

When I told Margue she wasn't the co-president anymore and that she should call me "Empress" she said my club was done and she was going to quit and start her own,.  I didn't think that Margie was bringing much spirit to my club so I showed her the pictures I took of her and Zack at the park when she was supposed to mbe at my place.

Margie came with me shopping to buy her fantasy club servant's uniform and now we're watching the television enjoying a delicious ice cream banana split that she made us,

The End

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